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Pokimane Reveals Why She Dodges Dating Questions

At the end of the day, streaming is a career option that people choose. However, following that path often requires streamers to let viewers in on their personal life. In the case of many, this includes their romantic relationships, about which fans are almost always curious. Superstar streamers like PewDiePie, Dr Disrespect, and Ninja have significant others that have been heavily involved in their streaming careers. However, Pokimane refuses to share information about her dating life to the public.

In a livestream on February 12, Pokimane was streaming with her friend Kevin when chat asked if it was annoying to always be asked if the two were dating. Pokimane flat-out responded that it's "weird," but after Kevin jokingly asked her if they were dating, she explained further.

Pokimane asked her viewers to imagine being 13 and having a reporter shove a microphone in their face, demanding to know who their class crush is. Obviously there is no world where this would actually happen, and Pokimane is much older than 13, but it's a strangely relatable and uncomfortable example for viewers to imagine.

Instead, she called Kevin a "treat" for the folks in her chat, but otherwise declined to answer questions about her relationship status.

Pokimane keeps her personal and public life separate

Pokimane and Kevin went on to discuss how the streaming world has changed through the years, particularly in terms of what streamers will share with the public. For instance, they spoke about the shock value of putting out personal life content, as well as how some people use that to get views now more than ever. Poki commented that she felt bad for people like that, because it seems like it would be hard to have an authentic relationship at that point.

In general, the two felt that having a separate personal and public life was healthy and natural. There's generally too much pressure from the public to be with certain people, even when it's just a matter of those followers pushing two people to become friends. Their explanation seemed to stick with the chat, as people started agreeing that it would be kind of weird for people to know absolutely everything about their personal lives.

Pokimane has spoken out on her relationship status in the past (resulting in a few viral tweets), but has typically refused to answer any direct questions. She's never shared a current relationship online, no matter how much fans have tried to pressure her into it. Considering the number of toxic messages she's received from followers, it makes sense that she'd want to keep things like this to herself.