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Why Dream Fans Think A Face Reveal Is Coming Soon

Faceless streamers aren't difficult to find nowadays – between the rising popularity of Vtubers and massive names like Corpse Husband, the internet is getting used to people who enjoy streaming but also want to keep their anonymity. Dream is both one of the most well-known "Minecraft" content creators and a notable faceless streamer. And while he enjoys having a private life away from the hustle and bustle of streaming and social media, fans think that he may finally be stepping out from behind the mask pretty soon.

As his highly popular "Minecraft" Manhunt YouTube series came to a close, Dream announced that he would plan to do an IRL Manhunt series if the last "Minecraft" Manhunt video got 2 million likes. This would take place when fellow streamer and frequent collaborator GeorgeNotFound comes to visit the States, which is "pretty soon," according to Dream. In fact, Drea, revealed, the pair have even looked into various areas to hold the IRL Manhunt game.

Not only have viewers been excited to hear that Dream is planning to bring his popular series to the real world and involve fans in the fun, but a large section of his fanbase believe this event could double as the stream where Dream finally reveals his face. As it turns out, they've got a few good reasons to think so.

A face reveal makes sense

Twitter user @sunshine_alt posted the idea that an IRL Manhunt could be based around everyone trying to capture Dream and take his mask off. Others were quick to jump on this idea and argue that it made a lot of sense for the content creator to put together something like this. One user joked that this would be "the one manhunt where [fans] hope [Dream] loses."

If Dream were to follow through with this idea, it might not come as too much of a surprise for many fans – in the past, Dream has said that he knew how he wanted to do a face reveal. Dream previously explained to Anthony Padilla that his idea was always to do a reveal around friends that fans could also join in and see for free — which seems to line up pretty nicely with his description of this Manhunt event. After all, he'd be right there in the thick of things with his fans and fellow content creators.

Recently, fans were diving deep into Bella Poarch's music video for "Inferno," thinking that he was revealed in the music video. If this Manhunt event goes the way fans think, they may not have to comb music videos any longer to try to get a glimpse at Dream's true face.