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Fans Think Dream Was Revealed In This Music Video

Sub Urban and Bella Poarch's "Inferno" music video featured cameos from a number of content creators clad in avant-garde and bellhop-inspired outfits. Pokimane, Valkyrae, and CouRage were just a few streaming stars who appeared beside the two performers. However, out of these familiar faces, there was one that was supposedly hidden in plain sight.


Poarch posted on Twitter, asking the public about which content creators they spotted in the music video. Then, Sub Urban sparked the hot topic, writing: "What if [I] told you [Dream] was in the INFERNO music video." In response, Poarch tweeted, "Should we tell them @Dream." This prompted a response from the streamer, who wrote, "You just did."

Thus, the frantic search for Dream kicked off. One user zeroed in on a pair of hands emerging from a grate as a possible low-key cameo. Another commenter was convinced Dream was actually the mysterious person leaning over in their chair with their back turned to the camera.

While some fans clawed for clues, others took the opportunity to join in on the jokes. "Is this you?" one person asked Dream alongside a screenshot of an older gentleman behind Poarch in the video. Other gag guesses included the glowing neon "HOT" sign and a lamp with a green shade in the background.


Dream's face reveal history

The enthusiasm from Dream's followers isn't unfounded. Dream previously said that he wanted to do a face reveal so that he could collaborate more with other content creators and meet fans. In fact, he had an idea of exactly how to do the face reveal. Some viewers were so eager to see what he looks like that Dream had to respond to fake face reveal drama in the past.


Earlier this month, Dream broke the internet with a new Instagram pic that revealed some of his silhouette. Instead of a drawn image, it was a real-life photo. There were a few details that fans could discern, like his light brown hair and body type. Even more hints about what he could look like spurred people to dig for details in the "Inferno" video.

Still, it's unclear if Dream actually features in the music video or if it's all just an elaborate prank. Dream doesn't appear in the list of appearances at the end, after all. The faceless streamer may have just played along with Bella Poarch and Sub Urban's online banter. Either way, it won't stop fans from reading between the frames.