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How To Pause In Elden Ring Without A Mod

We all love getting lost in our games. Playing a great game isn't dissimilar to reading a great book — once one becomes immersed in the story and the fictional universe in which it's contained, it can be incredibly hard to put it down to focus on other things. But due to the interactivity that comes with video games, stepping away from the pad or keyboard can be even more difficult. It's one of those things that non-gamers will really never understand about the medium.

But sometimes, the pause menu isn't available to players. Whether it be multiplayer or a game that requires an internet connection, some games force you to experience everything all at once and don't give you the option to pause your game and either focus on other things or take a break. And for a while, "Elden Ring" was thought to be one of those games, with the option to pause being completely absent and only possible through the use of mods. The absence of a pause function was particularly frustrating given the game is notoriously difficult to play. But, as it turns out, there is a way that "Elden Ring" fans can pause their game, and it's baked right into the game's menu.

Elden Ring does have a pause function after all

As many are already aware, "Elden Ring" isn't a game that holds your hand through the experience. Instead, developer FromSoftware has designed the game to have its fair share of secrets that the player must discover on their own through prolonged periods of trial and error. For instance, nobody knew that the weather in "Elden Ring" has an actual effect on the gameplay, or that missing an interaction with a character could potentially ruin your entire experience. The same applies to the existence of a pause menu, something that many didn't know existed until now. However, one handy YouTuber seems to have found it.

"Elden Ring" player and YouTuber Iron Pineapple — the same person who discovered the game's weather effects on attacks — recently posted a clip to Twitter showing how to pause the game without a modification. Apparently, the option to pause the game is accessible through the inventory menu and is initiated by clicking the "Menu Explanation" option (via Kotaku). This method was tested out by Matt Wales of Eurogamer, who has confirmed that it works.

So, in the case you come across a boss battle that feels virtually impossible to get past, you now have this option in your arsenal should you need a quick break to assess the situation or take a bathroom break. While it's certainly not a perfect system, it's handy should an emergency arise.