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Valkyrae Gives Fans Much-Needed Corpse Husband Update

Beginning in 2020, popular streamer and internet personality Valkyrae began playing the social deduction game "Among Us," which peaked in popularity right around the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Alongside Valkyrae cast of frequent collaborators that included popular streamers Sykkuno and Corpse Husband, among others Eventually, the popularity of "Among Us" subsided and Valkyrae and company's playthroughs of the game became less frequent as they all moved on to other games.

Since Valkyrae and her squad moved on from "Among Us," Corpse Husband's appearances on her and their friends' streams have become less frequent. Even Corpse's personal YouTube page, which contains over 7.5 million subscribers, has been subject to prolonged inactivity from time to time. His Twitch channel is hardly ever used, despite having over 1.3 million followers on the platform. Given his tragic history and personal struggles, many fans have begun to worry about Corpse's absence from streams. However, Valkyrae recently chimed in with a much-needed update regarding Corpse's whereabouts. 

Valkyrae explains Corpse Husband's recent absence from stream

In a recent stream later uploaded to YouTube, Valkyrae addressed Corpse Husband's recent absence and spoke about their continuing friendship. According to Valkyrae, Corpse Husband hasn't disappeared or given up streaming. Instead, he's just been busy. "I know you guys haven't seen or heard of Corpse for a long time," Valkyrae told her viewers. "But we have been keeping up with each other and he is doing well. He is very, very, very busy." While Valkyrae didn't disclose what projects Corpse is working on, her reference does give fans something to look forward to.

Valkyrae also explained that Corpse Husband doesn't really enjoy playing "GTA RP," a role-playing multiplayer mod within "Grand Theft Auto 5" and a game which Valkyrae and her companions play quite often. "[Corpse Husband] doesn't like to play GTA RP for a prolonged period of time," Valkryae explained. "And he doesn't like Valorant very much, either." Valkyrae later said that she recently offered Corpse Husband a session in "Dead By Daylight," but did not disclose whether or not he would play, reiterating that the enigmatic personality was "busy working." Despite having no concrete info about when or if Corpse Husband will rejoin his friends on stream or post more content to his own platforms (perhaps a new song to follow up on his 2020 viral TikTok hit "E-Girls Are Ruining My Life"), hearing that he is OK and keeping busy is sure to be a relief for both he and Valkyrae's fans, who undoubtedly hope his schedule opens up enough to include more content in the future.