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The Surprising Reason Why Amouranth Lost $2 Million

In recent times, Amouranth has become quite well known for her business exploits both within and outside of the streaming world. Despite her controversial reputation and history with getting banned on Twitch, the 28-year-old consistently rakes in plenty of profits, making an estimated $1 million a month through a combination of Twitch donations, sponsorships, and OnlyFans subscriptions. The Twitch veteran has also been the architect behind Twitch metas such as hot tub streaming, recently inventing yet another new bizarre meta involving writing subscribers' names on use of plastic balls (following her purchase of a minority stake in a plastic ball company, naturally). Outside of streaming, Amouranth has continued diversifying her assets, buying a gas station for $4 million dollars and even investing $2 million into Google (via GameRant).

Without a doubt, Amouranth (real name Kaitlyn Siragusa) has amassed a respectable fortune during her time in the public eye. But with tons of money also comes tons of ways to mismanage. And apparently, that's exactly what happened to Amouranth recently, as she lost $2 million through the most unexpected way possible.

Amouranth lost $2 million due to a typo

As Amouranth recently revealed on Twitter, she attempted to send $2 million from her business account to an investment account. Unfortunately, a typo resulted in her sending the large sum of money to a completely unknown party. 

"What would you do if you checked your checking account and found $2 million dollars," Amouranth asked in a post to Twitter. In a follow-up tweet, the streamer further described her mistake. She wrote, "Basically I was trying to move money ... and the bank placed it in some random persons account due to a 'TYPO.'" She also included a screenshot of a text conversation with an unknown party explaining the situation. It's unclear what the exact nature of this typo was, but it might be one of the more costly "transcription errors" most people are likely to see.

Despite the unfortunate hiccup with the money transfer, it's likely that the money will eventually be recovered by Amouranth's bank and returned to her (according to Game Rant). So long as Amouranth is in constant contact with her bank and alerts them to the issue, it will hopefully be rectified. Still, imagine just sending out $2 million and realizing later that you sent it to the wrong person. That's gotta be bad for the anxiety!