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Skyrim Grandma Updates Fans On Recovery After Stroke

Shirley Curry, a.k.a Skyrim Grandma, is a beloved figure in the "Elder Scrolls" community for her wholesome attitude and passion for "Skyrim" that many elders fail to match. She's also one of the oldest known streamers at 85 years old, which unfortunately means she's frailer than her younger peers.


Back on Feb. 27, GameRant reported that Skyrim Grandma suffered a stroke in her sleep. She replied to a concerned fan about her condition, leading to an outpouring of support from the ESO community with many wishes to get well soon. Even Bethesda sent her a care package with presents related to "Skyrim," including a stuffed "Skyrim" character, the "Skyrim Atmospheres" record, and a dragon poster. Thankfully, therapists and medical professionals have been helping her recover. 

Curry rested for a couple of days before returning with a vlog update on her YouTube channel. In the video, she shared the goodies she received from Bethesda and explained her current condition to fans. Here's "Skyrim" Grandma's latest update and what fans could expect from her in the near future. 


Skyrim Grandma suffers partial amnesia

Curry seems to be in significantly improved health and spirits. Unfortunately, she's forgotten many memories playing her favorite game, "Skyrim." It's unclear how much she's forgotten, but it's enough that it's affecting her gameplay.


"I'm fine...except for these few little niggling things I can't remember," she said. "And most of that has finally been overcome and I can remember now. Except in playing Skyrim."

Still, she seems to be thankful for what she has. Forgetting about "Skyrim" doesn't seem to have curbed her interest in the game at all. "Even if I don't get my memories back for how to play this game, it doesn't matter because I can start Skyrim all over again and work with what I know," she said. She also mentioned that her son was helping her guide her through the game with notes, so she hopes to recover her knowledge soon. 

"Don't any of you give up on me because it's going to be okay," Curry said. "I said so, I believe so."


Those who want to watch Curry can do so on her YouTube channel. You can also follow her on Twitter to see her wholesome updates and interactions with fans. Alternatively, if you'd rather play "Skyrim" yourself, it's available on almost any platform depending on the edition from PC to Nintendo Switch.