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This Elden Ring Jump Glitch Is A Game Changer

As players continue to explore the world of "Elden Ring" and what it has to offer, the chances of finding glitches or bugs increases. Players are also discovering areas that look like potential PvP arenas, unlocking layers of the game meant to remain secret. Now, it seems like some gamers have found a way to circumvent some difficult boss fights and farm Runes quickly using an exploit. The exploit was discovered and shared by Youtuber JJ FLOPERz, who uploaded a video showing the trick being used on Mohg, the Lord of Blood. Level-wise, Mohg is a late-game boss, however, he can be reached early on by completing the White-Faced Varre NPC questline, which involves invading other players after finding him in Liurnia.

Once players have reached the area where Mohg is, they first need to run in and die to him, which will cause the yellow boss fog to be present when they respawn. After that JJ FLOPERz returned to the boss arena. Next, he removed all of his equipment to make his character as light as possible. After that, he went to a set of tombstones next to the fog door and began jumping on them. Using the tombstones and a special sprint jump technique, he was able to get onto the side wall next to the boss arena, which is where this glitch turns into an exploit.

Upwards of 500,000 Runes

From the wall, JJ FLOPERz jumped into the boss arena where Mohg was waiting, but since he didn't enter through the boss fog, Mohg didn't recognize that he was there. The YouTuber claimed players can run up and kill Mohg however they like, since Mohg just stands there unmoving. Upon death, Mohg will award his usual drops and produce about 1 million runes. However, JJ FLOPERz's numbers were based on his current status in the game, which included being on New Game+ with the Golden Scarab equipped (which causes more Runes to drop). He estimated it would be closer to 500,000 for players on their first time through, higher if they used the gold pickled foot.

This also lets players bypass one of the main boss fights in the game, since it still counted as a defeat despite the glitch. As for using this glitch on other boss fights, it is, unfortunately, a bit situational. Not every boss fight in the game is set up in a way where you could parkour into the arena, but it does seem like it would work on other bosses if you can find a way in. The downside is that bosses like Margit, are entered through a single door in a tunnel, so there is no alternate way to get in. Still, defeating one of the required bosses with no effort is pretty great. Figuring out a way to jump into the arena seems like one of those things only an adult would notice in "Elden Ring."