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Why Fans Think The New Witcher Is Adapting Fan Fiction

Fans of CD Projekt Red's "The Witcher" series are buzzing with excitement after receiving the best news: a new "Witcher" game is in development. While information about the upcoming game is slim, players were treated with a teaser image of a medallion lying in snow, its eyes glowing ominously. While CD Projekt Red has discussed the development of the upcoming game briefly, pledging to avoid the biggest controversy the studio has faced in the past, fans are wondering who and what the new title will focus on. After many gamers went searching online for answers about the medallion featured in the teaser image, some are now theorizing that the latest "Witcher" game might be adapting fan fiction – and the creators of the game aren't denying it.

The School of the Lynx is a fan-created Witcher school where (in fan fiction) characters like Jad Karadin were trained. In fan stories, it rose out of the ashes of the School of the Cat, which supported questionable methodology. While some schools are canon in the "Witcher" universe, the School of the Lynx is not, and is completely a fan-creation. However, some gamers felt confused, and mistook the "fanon" wiki for the Fandom wiki that hosts information about the world of "The Witcher." As one fan said on the School of the Lynx Fanon wiki, the whole situation is confusing for people who aren't already familiar with the idiosyncrasies of fandom. However, interestingly enough, developers at CD Projekt Red aren't denying the association.

CD Projekt admitted it's a lynx

Marcin Momot, the global community director at CD Projekt Red, replied to fan speculation about the medallion being a lynx with a gif of comedian Kenan Thompson vigorously nodding. That answer doesn't tell fans much, but it did confirm that the medallion is indeed meant to be a lynx. Later, CD Projekt Red's global communication director Robert Malinowski told Eurogamer that "Some mysteries should not be so mysterious." He then confirmed that the medallion is "shaped after a lynx."

It's not clear if the team at CD Projekt Red has decided to adapt fan fiction or if they have other plans, like focusing the game on Ciri, who wears a cat-shaped medallion. Some fans noted the "Witcher" book series by Andrzej Sapkowski only mentions three Witcher schools, and only briefly. It's possible that the new "Witcher" title will work to create the School of the Lynx, or elaborate on what already exists in fan fiction.