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Mega Man Legends 3: When Will We Get A Sequel?

"Mega Man Legends 3" stands out as one of the most high-profile game cancellations from Capcom. Announced back in 2010 for the Nintendo 3DS, the game was set to take place right after "Mega Man Legends 2," and Capcom would allow fans to choose elements of the design that would end up in the final game. Though series creator Keiji Inafune left Capcom around the time of its announcement, the publisher confirmed that its development would continue and that it would receive a "Prototype Version" on the 3DS eShop that would act as a prologue for the main game.


Sadly, in 2011, Capcom announced that the game would be canceled and that neither the full game nor the "Prototype Version" would be released. The game's cancellation sent a shockwave through the "Mega Man" fanbase, which had been affected by numerous game cancellations throughout the early 2010s. Fans would go on to create groups and petitions to show their support, hoping that it would help convince Capcom to bring the canceled game back to life. Sadly, those efforts have not yet convinced Capcom to restart development, as "Mega Man 11" has been the only major new "Mega Man" release across the last decade. However, that doesn't mean fans have forgotten about "Mega Man Legends." 

News Since Cancellation

Despite the unceremonious cancellation of "Mega Man Legends 3," interest in this lost game has not gone away. Keiji Inafune, at one point, offered Capcom to complete it with his own team, though the publisher turned him down, according to Kotaku. He has reiterated numerous times over the years that he would love to finish the game if he was ever given the chance to. Kodi Oda, director of "Mega Man 11," also noted during that game's release that he was well aware of the fan requests for new entries in the "Mega Man Legends" and "Mega Man Battle Network" sub-franchises, indicating that his team would be willing to bring them back.


The most recent speculation regarding "Mega Man Legends 3" came in 2020, when "Mega Man Legends" composer Makoto Tomozawa tweeted to ask fans if they would be willing to crowdfund the game. He asked for 10,000 retweets between two separate tweets, which was accomplished, further confirming that the fan interest is still there. The decision is ultimately in Capcom's court, but with the "Mega Man" franchise making its return in 2018 with a new entry, a new "Mega Man Legends" game isn't out of the question. Here's hoping Capcom listens to the fans and delivers a new entry in this dormant sub-series.