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Things Aren't Looking Good For Blue Box Game Studios' Abandoned

Blue Box Game Studios' survival horror game "Abandoned" was originally set to launch Q4 2021, but some recently deleted tweets suggest that the game's title may also reflect its fate. Given the abundance of conspiracies surrounding "Abandoned," this news adds fuel to a growing fire.


Thanks to many creative theories, some gamers believe "Abandoned" may share a connection to another survival horror franchise: "Silent Hill." As far as the evidence is concerned, fans have done some digging. For starters, some have spotted the letters P and T in the trailer — a possible nod to "Silent Hills" "playable teaser" of the same name. There's also the fact that Hideo Kojima, creator of "Metal Gear," was part of the since-canceled "Silent Hill" reboot. Many fans suspect Kojima may be involved in "Abandoned" due to some mysterious evidence, including a photo of him holding a blue box, which may connect to Blue Box Game Studios, the team behind the new game.

As much speculation as there is, fans have also received some pretty big debunks along the way. A rumor that Bloober Team was working on a new "Silent Hill" was put to bed by the company in July 2021. Even Blue Box officially denied any connection between "Abandoned," "Silent Hill," and Kojima.


It's been a wild ride for "Abandoned" already, and one more recent development has added even more pieces to the puzzle.

Abandoned: A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy?

As spotted on Twitter by gamer and Twitch streamer Lance McDonald on March 30, 2022, "BLUE BOX Game Studios have now deleted most tweets that described specific future plans for their game 'Abandoned.'" McDonald went on to explain that information about an upcoming demo and game app was nowhere to be found. Judging by the big promises of plentiful content made by Blue Box that never came to be, McDonald theorized, "I don't think that game ever existed." He believes the developers poorly budgeted their marketing money, leaving nothing for the long haul.


Even at face value, the removal of major promotional tweets for "Abandoned" by Blue Box clearly points to something suspicious, though it's impossible to say what. Of course, fans have their own ideas. As one commenter posited, "it might be Kojima playing a game with us," which aligns with the developer's history of creative promotional campaigns, including creating a fake studio and name in the past to promote a "Metal Gear Solid" game.

Not everyone believes the rumors, like a fan who thought "people assuming it was made by a different company...probably made the developers feel less passionate about the project." As another fan joked, "The only way to beat the game is to forget it ever existed."


Only time will tell what happens to "Abandoned" and Blue Box. Though, without a bulk of promotional tweets for the game, it's even more clear how often the company tries to convince fans it's led by "actual real people."