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Tekken Director Responds To Elden Ring Fighter Mod

Players have been finding ways to crossover other video games with "Elden Ring" by either modding them into the game or making them in the character creator, like one player did with Sonic the Hedgehog. Now, fans have started adding characters from "Elden Ring" to other games, including "Tekken 7." A creator named Ultraboy created a mod for "Tekken 7" which changes some of the characters in the game into "Elden Ring" characters. This means that Melina is playable as a skin of Iidia and Ranni the Witch as Kazumi. The mod adds in 8 total skins into the game, and Ultraboy released a trailer on Twitter for the mod that could be pretty easily mistaken for an official crossover.

The trailer caught the attention of Katsuhiro Harada, the director of the "Tekken" series. He joked on Twitter that since both games were published by Bandai Namco, and he was the production general manager for "Elden Ring," the crossover could potentially be real. He applauded the quality of the mod and joked that the creator needs to stop. While this crossover could happen sometime in the future, another tweet from Harada explains why he said that Ultraboy should stop making the mod.

People might mistake the Elden Ring mod for Tekken as official

Some people questioned Harada as to why he would tell a creator to stop making a mod, especially one of such a high quality. While Harada wasn't completely serious in his original tweet, in another one he explained the problem these mods present. In the tweet, Harada stated that from his own personal view, he has no issue with mods that increase fan enjoyment of games. However, he did point out that when some mods become super popular — or in the case of this one look almost official — it becomes a problem, not because Bandai Namco's lawyers get riled up, but because some fans believe it to be official and try to get support from the developers.

It's understandable that Harada and other developers would be annoyed by fans asking them to fix something they didn't even make. FromSoftware did recently reveal that it plans on expanding the "Elden Ring" beyond the game itself, which means the "Elden Ring" X "Tekken" expansion could one day be real. Fans of "Elden Ring" have continued to discover new information hidden within the game's code, including a seventh ending cutscene that was cut from the game, which you can watch now on YouTube.