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Ludwig Clears The Air On Dr Disrespect Feud

Ludwig and Dr Disrespect stirred up some drama surrounding the very first Streamer Awards earlier this week, and they've got quite the large audience of fans looking in on it. But as was the case with Doc and NickMercs' recent Twitter feud, Ludwig and Doc's clash may not be as serious as it seemed at first glance.

Long story short, the two super successful streamers butted heads after ConnerEatsPants suggested on Twitter that the Doc stir up some trouble at the 2023 Streamer Awards. The event is hosted by Maya Higa and QTCinderella, the latter of whom happens to be Ludwig's girlfriend. The Two-time went on to accuse the Streamer Awards of playing favorites, which led to a back-and-forth involving jabs at Ludwig's relevance, the Doc's involvement with NFTs, and more low blows. Ludwig later joked that ConnerEatsPants is "the villain of the story" for allegedly starting the drama.

In the March 31, 2022 episode of his podcast "The Yard," Ludwig sat down with his three friends and co-hosts to debunk some of the misconceptions surrounding the heated public exchange. As it turns out, Ludwig feels totally chill about the whole situation.

Ludwig Puts Dr Disrespect Drama to Bed

On his most recent "The Yard" podcast episode, Ludwig shared that he was relaxing on a plane when the dispute kicked off.  After his friends joked about how he ratioed Doc with his quips, Ludwig commented, "You know what's funny? That is how Twitter functions. That is all that matters. It's not the discourse, it's like, 'but what's the likes looking like?'" Basically, he seems to view the scenario as a lot more trivial than people are making it out to be. In his words, "I had snappy replies. I was quick. That's half the battle."

There seem to be legitimate reasons regarding why Doc wasn't invited to the Streamer Awards, though it's unclear whether he is actually upset about this or not. Ludwig and his co-hosts pointed out that Dr Disrespect is currently banned on Twitch, interpreting this to mean that he wouldn't have been allowed to appear at the event. Plus, Ludwig shared that QTCinderella may have not been able to reach him due his privacy settings on social media.

From an outside perspective, the encounter looked intense, but Ludwig assured his friends and fans that it was okay. "In my mind, I don't care about it. I just thought they were funny little drama tweets, and I think he also is like that." The guys on The Yard also brought up that Dr Disrespect was in character, as he often is. Ludwig was fine with it as long as Doc didn't use his personal Guy Beahm account, which would've changed the tone of the banter.