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Is MLB The Show 22 Cross-Platform?

"MLB The Show 21" was a bit of a historic title for many reasons. Not only did the game introduce the ability to be both a pitcher and a position player, it was also the first in the series' history to be multi-platform, meaning it was available on both the PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Despite being developed in-house by the Sony-owned San Diego Studios, Major League Baseball made the decision to bring the officially licensed game to Xbox in the hopes of reaching a wider audience.

The upcoming "MLB The Show 22" is also historic in its own right, as the game's release has now been extended to the Nintendo Switch. With the franchise now available on multiple platforms, the question on the mind of many "MLB The Show" fans — both new and old — has shifted to whether or not the series' newest iteration will support cross-platform play. Will the title allow for PlayStation players to compete with those on Xbox, or even include players on the Switch? Here's everything you need to know about "MLB The Show 22" and cross-play.

MLB The Show 22 allows for continuing saves on separate platforms

One of the coolest features in "MLB The Show 22" is the ability to move your saves around different platforms. As noted in the game's official FAQ, even if started a game mode on the Xbox Series X, you can port it over to your Nintendo Switch when you're on the go with the game's cloud save feature. This should come in handy for players who enjoy single-player modes such as Franchise or Road to the Show and wish to have the opportunity to carry over their experience at any time.

There is a catch, though. In order to use this feature, you will have to own the game for every console where you hope to play it — you cannot carry the full game over between consoles. While the game retails at $59.99 across older-gen consoles, including the Nintendo Switch, the game will cost you at least $69.99 on the newer consoles — not including any additional costs brought on by more premium editions of the game. If switching your saves to different platforms is an appealing idea to you, be sure to have some serious cash on hand.

MLB The Show 22 supports crossplay

Like last year's game, "MLB The Show 22" will support cross-play between players on different consoles (now including the Nintendo Switch, of course). This allows players to compete with others across different platforms. This will be mostly prevalent in highly competitive modes such as Diamond Dynasty mode, "MLB The Show's" interpretation of the Ultimate Team mode seen across EA Sports titles. Competing against each other players isn't the only option available for cross-play, either. If teaming up is more your thing, "MLB The Show 22" also supports co-op modes that support up to three players per side.

Be wary, though! When it comes to cross-play, PlayStation players are sure to have a bit of an advantage when it comes to familiarity with the game's mechanics and metas, considering the "MLB The Show" series was exclusive to that platform for 15 years. By comparison, the franchise has only been available for one year on Xbox at this point. Whether or not players will have the option to turn off cross-play while they get the hang of the game is unknown, but this option was available on the Xbox consoles with "MLB The Show 21" (per Attack of the Fanboy).