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MrBeast Fans Are Seeing Red Over His Recent Fireworks Video

MrBeast always goes above and beyond to create the most spectacular, over-the-top videos of any content creator around. It's no small feat to create a full gameshow version of "Squid Game" or to donate a wild amount of money to a waitress, yet MrBeast frequently throws his money around to produce his extravagant videos. His stunts pay off in numbers, too. Until a clip of Will Smith and Chris Rock dethroned MrBeast's "Squid Game" video, it had the most views in a single day by any non-music video on YouTube. Viewers equal revenue, which allows MrBeast to continue raising money for philanthropic causes in addition to creating even bigger videos. However, MrBeast has to find a way to top each stunt he pulls off, and a recent video involving fireworks has sent fans into a frenzy.

On April 2, MrBeast tweeted, "No new video today, we got age-restricted because we were playing with fireworks lol. Gonna re-edit it and upload next week." Even though he ended the message to fans with a heart emoji, many didn't take the sentiment in a positive light and instead directed their anger at YouTube, who allegedly flagged the video as being for adults only.

Of course, MrBeast's friends were quick to make light of the situation and redirect any ire from fans. Karl – who frequently appears in MrBeast videos – tweeted that the video's restriction was all his fault, which MrBeast (perhaps jokingly) confirmed. What really happened with the video, though? And why are fans so irritated about it?

This isn't the first time MrBeast played with fireworks

This isn't the first time MrBeast has played around with fireworks, so it's strange that YouTube flagged his latest feat. For the 4th of July in 2020, MrBeast put on a party big enough to wow an entire town, shooting the biggest fireworks he could find. The grand finale? A $160,000 firework that MrBeast claimed would set a world record. The blast was over a mile wide had a profound effect on the crew watching it, who described a distinct physical sensation in the air as the explosives launched.

Before the team sent the explosives flying, Karl asked a technician if he could put his head in the blasting apparatus, which of course he was not allowed to do because of safety concerns. Still, brief lines like Karl's suggest that there could have been a real danger in the 2020 fireworks video. Regardless of the explosives and the rowdy team behind the project, YouTube allowed it on its platform without any issue. The biggest firework ever launched wasn't enough to stop the show, and MrBeast once again flexed how much money he spent on the outing. However, when MrBeast attempted to upload a similar fireworks video in 2022, YouTube allegedly flagged the video as inappropriate content, only allowing it to be listed under an age-restricted category on the site. Needless to say, fans were not happy about the development, and many voiced their displeasure online.

Dangerous acts must be restricted

Some of the reactions to MrBeast's April 2 announcement were in good fun. Chris Tyson, one of MrBeast's collaborators, jokingly tweeted that the crew would be moving its videos to Facebook in outrage. Others were confused by YouTube's judgment, and referenced MrBeast's previous fireworks video, wondering why it hadn't been age-restricted as well. One fan had an answer, commenting that YouTube has become more careful about its content, attempting to crack down on content it might have previously left unflagged.

One fan posted a meme that indicated YouTube has double standards. The meme suggested that YouTube takes down videos that include what it deems "dangerous acts," but largely ignores videos with explicit music or ads for adult material. Others were just confused as to why fireworks would be banned on the platform, when fireworks are a typical form of celebration in America and often attract families with children.

However, at least one fan cautioned others against judging YouTube too harshly. They explained that they knew someone who died from improper fireworks usage and that fireworks can be deceptive because they're entertaining but also highly dangerous. Considering the potential danger fireworks can pose to those not following proper safety guidelines, restricting content that shows fireworks may make sense.

Of course, MrBeast has many other videos that feature dangerous activities. One fan pointed out that his video about getting buried alive wasn't age-restricted, even though it also depicts dangerous acts, and while not dangerous per se, eating a 9-pound slice of pizza can't be good for one's digestion.