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The Batman Gets A Remake In Arkham Knight

Superhero fans have gone batty since the release of the latest movie about the Dark Knight, "The Batman." One of the most iconic scenes occurs when Batman, played by Robert Pattinson, blows up the Penguin's vehicle during a car chase and approaches him in a scene straight out of hell. Colin Farrell, who plays the monocle-wearing villain, watches in horror as Batman approaches the downed vehicle while the flames billow in the background. One fan took their appreciation further with a full recreation of the scene using mods for the 2015 action-adventure game, "Batman: Arkham Knight."

Batman Arkham Videos, a YouTube channel dedicated to games based on DC Comics, uploaded said recreation of the Batman-Penguin car chase. The unnamed creator used a free-angle camera mod along with other special effects to mimic the scene with as much theatrical glory as possible. It cut at just the right moments to build suspense as the cars veered about and nailed the upside-down shot as Batman approaches the Penguin's burning car. The video even added the official movie soundtrack composed by Michael Giacchino to evoke the same feeling. PCGamesN noted that the producer even put "Arkham Knight" Penguin in a car, though he never enters a vehicle in the game itself.

Sure, the Batmobile might not be exactly the same as in the 2022 movie, but the recreation is impressive for the limitations the 2015 game has compared to a full-blown theatrical production. Here's what fans should know about Batman's video game legacy.

This isn't the last of video game Batman

Those interested in comparing the fan recreation with the actual "The Batman" scene can catch a glimpse at the end of the official trailer, or watch the movie until the midpoint where the car chase scene actually takes place. Either way, it's worth watching both scenes to see how they size up next to each other. This isn't the first time someone recreated a comics movie scene in a game, either, considering that one fan took similar steps to recreate an iconic Spider-verse scene in the "Spider-man: Miles Morales" video game.

"Batman: Arkham Knight" was the last installment of the Arkham trilogy. Developer Rocksteady Games claimed that it wouldn't be making any more Batman games after "Arkham Knight" came out in 2015. However, that doesn't mean there won't be any other Batman games ever. Other studios like "Batman Arkham Origins" developer WB Montreal could also have plans for the future.

If you're interested in experiencing Batman gameplay for yourself, you can play "Arkham Knight" on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or PC — and even recreate a scene if you're up for it. Meanwhile, those who have already played and want to fill the void will need to wait for "Gotham Knights," an upcoming game from WB Montreal, or Rocksteady's next DC-themed game, "Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League," in 2023. It's unclear if Batman will be playable in either game, but both still align with the typical DC antics.