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MrBeast Shocks Ludwig With Huge Video Offer

Jimmy "MrBeast" Donaldson is known for creating over-the-top content with his friends. But every so often, he takes a break from his regular videos to collaborate with some of the biggest internet celebrities, making for some unique events and big returns. For example, late last year, his beach cleanup collaboration with content creator and engineer Mark Rober netted him almost 60 million views. And in turn, it accomplished its goal of reducing waste in the ocean by successfully removing over 30 million pounds of trash from the sea, thanks to donations to the Team Seas charity.

However, not all of MrBeast's collaborations come to fruition. Notoriously, his recent team-up with Logan Paul had to be canceled due to COVID-19 concerns. Now MrBeast has set his sights on collaborating with Twitch-streamer-turned-YouTuber Ludwig, and it looks like he's making extra sure the plan goes off without a hitch. Although Ludwig was hesitant about the idea at first, MrBeast pulled out all the stops to get the collaboration in motion.

MrBeast is sending Ludwig a private jet

During a recent YouTube livestream, Ludwig received an unexpected phone call. On the other end of the line was none other than MrBeast, and after exchanging pleasantries, MrBeast asked Ludwig if he had plans on Friday. After Ludwig mentioned he might be busy shooting a video, MrBeast dropped a bomb by telling him to cancel the shoot. MrBeast added, "I'll have a private jet pick you up Thursday night and fly you over here, okay? I need you for a video." 

Ludwig was hesitant to say yes and paused to think about the proposition. MrBeast broke the silence by clarifying, "I just need you Friday. All day Friday. I'll ship you back home." Ludwig replied that he could make it happen and that he'd shoot MrBeast a text within the hour about his plans. However, MrBeast told him it was too late to back out, because his assistant had already booked the flight.

After he hung up the phone, Ludwig's chat started freaking out and asked him if that call was planned. Ludwig assured his chat that it wasn't planned and hilariously showed the sweat building up in his armpits as proof that he was nervous about the call. After chat erupted in hysterics, Ludwig returned to his regularly scheduled content.

It's unclear what kind of video MrBeast has planned. Still, MrBeast seemed adamant about involving Ludwig, so it's safe to say the streamer will have a big part in the video. And if it's anything like his recent $456,000 Squid Game contest, fans of MrBeast are in for an exciting time.