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Elden Ring: How To Beat The Divine Bridge Golem

FromSoftware has built a reputation over the years for making challenging action RPGs with boss fights that rank from pretty hard to practically impossible. Like all of the studio's games, "Elden Ring" is also full to the brim with challenging bosses. From Godrick the Grafted and the Fire Giant, to the Lichdragon Fortissax and Starscourge Radahn, each boss has a unique and unforgiving moveset that requires different strategies to defeat. Some of these bosses are obstacles that the player will have to overcome in order to progress with the story, while others simply serve as optional challenges that the player can choose to face in exchange for extra rewards.

One such optional boss is the Divine Bridge Golem. This sentient stone colossus can be found in Lyndell, Royal Capital on the Divine Bride which is one of the entrance points to the city. It will be lying on its back as if sleeping when the player approaches, only to get to its feet and start attempting to smash them with the pommel of its giant axe as soon as they get too close. Players will want to be careful, too, since this boss hits like a truck. There are a couple of strategies for getting the better of this granite behemoth, although it's definitely easier for characters who like big two-handed weapons.

The bigger they are, the harder they fall

How a player goes about taking down this stony automaton varies depending on their chosen class. Melee users definitely have the easier strategy. They can simply rush the Golem and do two fully charged melee attacks using their hardest hitting two-handed weapon on its legs. This should be enough to cause the Golem to fall to the ground, exposing its orange glowing chest where the player can then land an easy critical attack. After that, it's just rinse and repeat until this magical construct is nothing more than rubble.

Magic users are going to have a much harder time. One hit from the creature is likely to take out their smaller HP pool and, unfortunately, it has an extremely long reach. All hope isn't lost though. Using the Rock Sling sorcery to toss rocks at the feet of the Golem can knock it down and expose its weakness. Then the player simply needs to rush in and hit its chest with a few casts before retreating back out of range as it gets to its feet. The player is going to have to stay at the very edge of Rock Sling's range in order to keep out of reach of that axe while trying to knock down the Golem, but careful timing and well-aimed spells will yield victory.