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Dr Disrespect Pitches Complicated Elden Ring Tournament

Dr Disrespect isn't typically known for his single-player gameplay. Instead, YouTube viewers are more likely to stumble across the streamer dominating players in a battle royale or jamming in the Champions Club to some of his own music. But recently, the streamer tried out the incredibly popular single-player game "Elden Ring." When the Doc first picked up the game, he wasn't sure about it. The title's gameplay and art style are much different than what he's used to broadcasted for fans, but after a few sessions, he totally fell in love with the world of "Elden Ring."

During a recent YouTube livestream, Dr Disrespect was in the middle of reading his backlog of donations when he spotted a fan throwing out an idea for an "Elden Ring" tournament. At first, the two-time wasn't too big on the concept. He explained that it would be hard to do a tournament for "Elden Ring" unless "you had full customization — being able to like customize particular settings for a fresh start of a character, right?"

Doc also went on to reference the speedrunners constantly smashing the record for fastest completion, which could make a tournament difficult. However, he soon hit on a tournament concept that could possibly work.

How would an Elden Ring tournament work?

After doing some brainstorming, the Doc got a bit more into the idea, remarking, "I could see an 'Elden Ring' tournament working, huh? Specify bosses, who can get up the route, who can climb the ladder first." But he added, "No one will know what the route is until the day of the tournament." 

It could be interesting to see a tournament in which participants are forced to kill specific bosses in a preselected order, but the two-time still struggled with how the winner would be crowned. He brought up the issue that multiple people could end the tournament at the same point, which would theoretically lead to multiple winners.

Additionally, Dr Disrespect doesn't want the end goal to be who can get the highest level, because some gamers could easily exploit that angle, "because they know all the tricks." And he's not wrong about that. Numerous Rune farming spots are floating around the internet that could give some gamers a strategic and quick edge. Also, watching gamers farm Runes is probably not the adrenaline-pumping action the Doc is looking for. Another chat member asked about a possible "Elden Ring" PvP tournament, but the Doc shot down this idea, explaining, "I can't even watch people PvP; it's kinda boring to a certain degree."

While the streamer is still unsure exactly how his "Elden Ring" tournament would work, he still seems interested in the general concept. And if anyone could produce the production value needed for a big "Elden Ring" tournament, it would be Dr Disrespect.