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FaZe Clan's New Show Is Turning Heads

FaZe clan is one of the most popular esports organizations in the world, and they continue to get bigger. From signing on NBA players like Ben Simmons to rappers such as Snoop Dogg and Lil Yachty, it's almost impossible to escape the reach of FaZe clan.


And, it seems like FaZe clan isn't done expanding just yet. According to an official FaZe clan press release, the esports organization is trying its hand at television-style programming. Specifically, FaZe clan is launching two livestream series that will premiere weekly on Twitch. This won't be an amateur production either. FaZe is going as far as hiring 11-time Emmy winner Bill McCullough to lead the operation.

Although the format of the shows won't be anything new, FaZe clan is hoping to reach a new audience with its content. According to Bill McCullough, the programs will cater to the Gen Z audience by "putting Gen Z at the center of our creative." However, it may be hard for many to overlook the controversy surrounding FaZe clan that's given them a shady reputation.


FaZe Clan launching an SNL-style show

Today, FaZe clan officially announced their show, "unFaZed," to the world via social media. The announcement has a release date attached of June 2nd, accompanied by a video showcasing the Hollywood warehouse where the show is expected to be filmed.


According to the press release, unFaZed will be three to four hours long and feature both scripted and unscripted content. Additionally, it will be "Anchored by a special guest host and recurring ensemble cast, the show will star some of the most culturally relevant, well-known creators from the internet community."

Undoubtedly, the program is drawing inspiration from "SNL," but it may evolve. With the show being slated for a three-year run, it will likely form its own identity over time.

Additionally, FaZe Clan is launching "FaZe1: The Warehouse" on May 5th. Unlike "unFaZed," "FaZe1: The Warehouse" will be completely unscripted, featuring a 24-hour stream that will last for 15 days. It seems FaZe is taking pointers from the popular reality show "Big Brother." According to the press release, the show aims to "give fans an uncensored, unedited and radically transparent look into the lives of the top 20 contestants."


Although the participants aren't just playing for fun. At the end of the 15 days, FaZe clan will announce a winner and present them with their prize. Their prize being a FaZe clan membership and $1 million in cryptocurrency. It's hard to say if the new FaZe clan shows will be successful, but with millions of fans worldwide across multiple platforms, there's a real chance the esports organization has become too big to fail.