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This Rap Legend Just Joined FaZe Clan

Gaming companies always find a way to incorporate strange partnerships and collabs, which is why it isn't totally outlandish that Snoop Dogg has officially joined FaZe Clan. In a press release, the esports organization announced that the rapping legend would join as part of their talent team and board of directors after their merger with BRPM. Snoop will apparently smoothen this business transition using "his extensive entertainment industry insights and his passion for Web3, gaming and culture." 

Snoop confirmed the news with a tweet about his position. "Joined FaZe Clan," he captioned an animation alongside his tweet. Similarly, FaZe Clan publicly welcomed him to the family. He credits his son Cordell Broadus, a creative consultant and former football player, for his partnership with FaZe Clan. 

"It only makes sense to partner with FaZe Clan as both a team member and on the Board of Directors," Snoop said in a press briefing (via Dexerto). "The youth identifies with their brand and that's something my son Cordell knew, which is why he brought us together."

"As I've been watching what FaZe Clan has been building in the gaming space, I knew there was a natural connection with what my dad has been doing,” Cordell Broadus said of the partnership. "When I look at the two brands, I was inspired by the synergy they could create so I brought them together in this partnership." While this move might seem sudden to some, Snoop Dogg has been involved with the gaming world for some time.

Snoop Dogg's history with gaming

It might seem like a random choice to those unfamiliar with Snoop's gaming history. However, he's probably one of the best-equipped celebrities to support an esports org with his involvement in games and charities.

Snoop Dogg is best known for his rap skills, which have earned him at least 16 Grammy nominations so far. However, he's also known in the games industry for his serious gaming skills. He runs his own Twitch channel, which some fans have even watched without audio, and voiced characters in a couple of video games like "Call of Duty: Ghosts," "NHL 20," and "Def Jam: Fight for NY." Microsoft also apparently recognizes him as a big Xbox fan and sent him one of the best birthday presents ever – one of the first-ever full-size Xbox Series X refrigerators.

Also, for the record, FaZe and Snoop have already collaborated in the past. Their last project was a charity flag football game involving FaZe Clan members that resulted in a $25,000 donation to Snoop's Youth Football League. FaZe and Snoop apparently plan to continue this trend with a "community outreach program centered around charitable activities that support youth."