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Returnal 2: Will We Ever Get A Sequel?

Sony's 2021 PlayStation 5 exclusive "Returnal" was one of the year's most surprising games. While it initially divided players because of its strict save system, it went on to become a "mega hit" for Sony. It earned some major recognition, as it was notably the recipient of the Best Action Game award at The Game Awards 2021. This strong performance contributed to Sony's decision to acquire developer Housemarque in June 2021.


As with any game, success has led passionate players to hunger for more content, specifically a full sequel. Though "Returnal" is less than a year old, it has received a steady stream of updates, indicating that both Sony and Housemarque will continue to explore the IP and further leverage the power of the PlayStation 5. That said, it may be several years before fans get the follow-up they're waiting for.

Housemarque is busy with a different game

In March, Housemarque expanded "Returnal" with the "Ascension" update. The free DLC incorporated an endless fighting mode known as The Tower of Sisyphus, as well as co-operative multiplayer gameplay. The developer also added a "Suspend Cycle" feature, reducing the need to leave your PS5 turned on at all times when playing. While nice, these upgrades do not amount to a proper "Returnal 2," which has not been announced in any capacity.


According to a VentureBeat interview with key individuals at the studio, Housemarque is working on a new IP, as opposed to a "Returnal" sequel. The team affirmed that it's happy with what it accomplished with "Returnal" and would like to pursue a similar trajectory, indicating that it will not give up on the DNA and ethos of the game. It may be a long time before the developer is ready focus on a proper "Returnal" follow-up, but it is sure to expand on the project's ideas with more exciting, unique titles in the future.