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Pokimane And xQc's New Show Has Fans Going Wild

Few streamers have bigger fanbases than Félix 'xQc' Lengyel and Imane 'Pokimane' Anys. Impressively, xQc has over 10 million followers on Twitch alone, while Pokimane isn't far behind with 9 million. When the two collaborate, the events are massive. Last month, they played "Fortnite" together and could barely enjoy the game because so many players swarmed them. The stream snipers likely hoped to catch the attention of their favorite streamer, but the situation almost got xQc and Pokimane banned from "Fortnite."

It looks like xQc and Pokimane will team up again for an untitled project. According to a leak, the two streamers may join forces for a new podcast series. Twitch has already seen its share of podcast-style content. For example, Allcraft by Asmongold and Rich Campbell features the duo discussing MMOs in long-form conversations with various guests. Their streams are incredibly successful, with the VODs sometimes reaching hundreds of thousands of views. However, the podcast hosted by xQc and Pokimane may have a different production style.

A trial run for the podcast may take place this week

On April 7, xQc news account xQcOWUpdates tweeted two screenshots allegedly showcasing multiple messages from xQc to his fans on Discord. The first message reportedly read, "im making a podcast with Poki, im pre-announcing it here. we're doing a fun trial run this week." As commenters pointed out, this won't be Pokimane's first venture into the podcast space if the information proves accurate. Last year, she hosted a podcast with fellow streamer Mizkif. Although the venture ended, it gave a more personal glimpse into Pokimane's life, covering topics like why she won't return to the Offline TV house.

Unfortunately, xQc didn't release any information on the podcast's content. His second message hinted at how the podcast's production could look, however. It read, "I had two podcasts in mind. the studio for the first one has been getting worked on for months now, if we like format, well use the studio for the poki/x one." If the podcast takes place in a studio, the two streamers will likely have to meet in person to record. Now that xQc resides in Los Angeles (per The CouRage and Nadeshot Show) like Pokimane, they shouldn't have an issue getting together.

Although the content creators have not officially announced a podcast, fans appear eager to see Pokimane and xQc collaborate more. With a supposed trial run planned for this week, many people are likely waiting with their fingers on the refresh button.