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What Dr Disrespect Really Looks Like Out Of Costume

Dr Disrespect is one of the few streamers who adopts a persona online — both in personality and appearance. After all, not many people go out in public dressed as someone who looks like they walked straight out of a cyberpunk shooter. However, while Doc tries to avoid breaking character, he has taken off the mask in the past. His alternate Twitter account based on his real name, @GuyBeahm, has a few pictures that fully reveal his face. However, there are also a few videos from where he took his costume — fully or partially off — on stream. He's even changed up his outfit a couple of times.

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. In this case, Dr Disrespect looks familiar but admittedly way different once he takes off his signature glasses and headgear. He has clean combed hair instead of a fluffy mullet and pale green eyes under his sunglasses. However, the angular jaw and handlebar mustache remind viewers that it's the same guy. We typically see him seated on screen so it's not as obvious, but he's also very tall. He's 6'8," which is much taller than average. His immense height also enables him to perform his famous 37-inch vertical leap.

Dr Disrespect typically doesn't show up at events out of costume, but he's been spotted in his civvies more than once. 

What Dr Disrespect looks like out of costume

Dr Disrespect revealed his face for the first time on the H3 YouTube channel, when he took off both his wig and sunglasses at the end of the show. His episode aired in October 2017. The next time he showed his face was about two months later, when he publicly apologized on stream for cheating on his wife and announced he'd be taking time off to focus on his family. He took off his wig another time, presumably in the process of removing the costume, because someone shot at his home during one of his streams in 2018.

Doc doesn't take off his costume or even his wig or glasses online unless it's something serious. Even during live events, he typically keeps his wig and glasses and just changes his outfit. For example, he wears a suit in place of his typical black turtleneck and camo pants during gaming and esports award ceremonies. He once streamed with a costume change, where he swapped a white t-shirt in for his black turtleneck, but his fans didn't seem to like it quite as much.