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Shroud Reveals The Game He'd Love To Make

Shroud recently revealed the kind of game he would like to make — if anyone would be interested, that is. In the past, the streamer has aired out opinions on games of the year, which weapons should be buffed in the battle royale of the month, and other analyses on the types of games he likes, but this is his first time going into detail on his dream game.

"There's this one idea that I always f****** fall into and I don't know how to make it work, but I always fall into it because the concept of it sounds so cool...for me," Shroud said, though he admitted that he didn't think anyone else would like it.

"It's the concept of having a survival game with a time commitment and the scale being so large to the point where you have a character, and that character is your one life, and in that one life, you're getting s*** done for like a week's time," he explained. "Then you just kind of see what happens in that week, and when your character dies, you get put on a cooldown."

Shroud only talked about the idea briefly, so there's not much detail about the kind of tasks the player would have to complete, what the multiplayer component would be like, or what the end goal of the game would even be. However, he did explain why he had some reservations about it.

Why Shroud thinks people wouldn't like his game

The main reason Shroud thinks the game wouldn't appeal to a crowd is because of its long cooldown. "It's like, sorry you can't play the game for like four days. You've got to wait," he said, before further explaining that it'd be hard to pitch the idea to a studio because it wouldn't be particularly profitable if players had to wait between sessions.

This isn't the first time Shroud brought up the idea of his own games. He previously mentioned that he would love to open his own game studio after his career as a Twitch streamer, much like Dr Disrespect did with his studio, Midnight Society. Dr Disrespect, who actually worked as a professional level designer before becoming a streamer, occasionally talks about his ideas with viewers and eventually opened Midnight Society to officially develop his dream games. He also designed a level for third-person shooter Rogue Company just last year.

Shroud plays a variety of games from battle royales to survival games. He even has weapon skins in "PUBG: Battlegrounds" and "Rust," though he doesn't play much of either anymore. It's unclear if Shroud's idea will actually manifest in the future, but he did mention he's had it on his mind for a while.