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Why Kingdom Hearts Fans Are Obsessed With Sora's Feet

"Kingdom Hearts" is one of the most beloved gaming franchises ever created. The series is known for its massive cast of Disney characters and surprisingly convoluted story that is difficult for even the most hardcore fans to follow. This year marks the 20th anniversary of "Kingdom Hearts," and Square Enix kicked off the celebration with a good news for fans: teaser trailer for a fourth entry into the mainline series. However, the trailer also has fans confused about the new design of the main character Sora.

Soon after the trailer dropped, fans everywhere discussed how Sora looked like a character ripped straight from a "Final Fantasy" game, but many gamers were more troubled by Sora's feet. Since his inception, Sora has been instantly recognizable thanks to his spikey hair and big shoes. However, Sora's iconic look is no more, as during the Kingdom Hearts 4 trailer, Sora took his shoes off, revealing normal-sized feet, shocking fans. Gamers everywhere took to social media to express their confusion.

Big feet or big shoes?

After the trailer, nobody could agree on whether Square Enix decided to shrink Sora's feet for "Kingdom Hearts 4" or if he had been wearing oversized shoes this whole time. The internet did what it did best and started crafting wild theories based on the little information it had. However, this isn't the first time the internet has discussed the size of the "Kingdom Hearts" character's feet at great lengths. For example, there are threads on "Kingdom Hearts" forums from way back in 2003 making jokes about the game's oversized feet, which appear on more than a few characters.

One of the main theories was that Soras's feet were small in the trailer because he was in Quadratum and his body adapted to the art style. Of course, his body has adapted to different worlds in the past, like in the first game where he'd grow a tail for use in the "Little Mermaid" world. Still, Quadratum, with its massive skyscrapers, seems like as good a guess as any for the game's location. However, Sora's location isn't the only factor at play in his teased design.

A simpler theory is that the developers decided to change the character's design. The idea that he has normal feet and wears big shoes is disproven later in the trailer, as he can be seen wearing well-fitting shoes. Unfortunately, nobody will know for certain why Sora has small shoes on in the "Kingdom Hearts 4" trailer until more gameplay footage is released.