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Elden Ring Becomes Cute With One Small Change

Despite "Elden Ring" being set in a world full of horrific creatures and monsters that are all trying to kill you, one YouTuber has found a way to make it cute. While other fans have spent time data mining trying to figure out what could be on the way via DLC or what features were cut from the game, like a Pokédex for monsters, one fan decided to make a cute video. As reported by Kotaku, YouTuber Flurdeh makes videos turning games into cute escapes. Using tilt-shift camera tools for "Elden Ring," Flurdeh made a short video, making the world look small and adorable. The isometric camera angle was able to make all the characters and the world look small, including the almighty Turtle Pope.


Flurdeh was able to accomplish this using camera tools made by Frans Bouma, a software engineer and modder specializing in photo mode tools. The result is an animation that looks closer to a stop-motion film or an animated Tim Burton production. This "Elden Ring" video is just another in Flurdeh's "Tiny" series, where he makes popular games appear miniature. He has previously done this with "God of War" (2018) and "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild." Here's what inspired Flurdeh.

Flurdeh was inspired by tilt-shift photography

Flurdeh told Kotaku about the photography that inspired him to start making these "Tiny" video game videos. "I'm also into in-game/virtual photography so I tried replicating the effect inside games over the years, which eventually turned into making videos out of it. Most of the effect's illusion comes from the angle and depth of view so I experimented with that a lot until I got the right look. Then sped up the footage and removed certain frames from the videos to make the whole thing look like toys in a stop-motion animation," Flurdeh said.


Flurdeh went on to explain that not every game works with this effect, forcing him to either give up or continue tinkering in the background. Flrudeh said that the next game he is looking forward to trying this effect on is the upcoming "Starfield." He also mentioned working on miniaturizing games like "Bioshock" and "Mirror's Edge." While the cute version of "Elden Ring" is amazing to look at, it's likely a much harder way to experience the game, with how zoomed out the experience is. Other FromSoftware fans have spent their time post-release cooking up interesting theories about the lore, like how "Elden Ring" might be the ultimate prequel.