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Twitter Thinks It Has Figured Out The Elden Ring DLC

Having had time to settle in with gamers, "Elden Ring" has become one of the most popular and engaging games in recent memory. Filled to the brim with secrets and tough boss battles, in addition to a beloved gameplay loop that incentivizes trial and error, FromSoftware's latest hit has been lauded by critics and gamers alike and seems set on being the premier title in gaming for the foreseeable future. In order to sustain such popularity, new stories will have to be told.


As of right now, no official announcement has been made in regards to an "Elden Ring" DLC expansion, but given FromSoftware's history and implications that the new IP is only just getting started, it is practically guaranteed that "Elden Ring" will receive some kind of update in the future. In lieu of any information, players have traversed The Lands Between looking for clues as to what may be next for the blockbuster adventure game. Within the Twitter-verse (and beyond), many "Elden Ring" players have begun to formulate their own theories about what's next in the game's story arc.

A Twitter theory suggests Miquella's hand is key to the DLC

As part of the backdrop for the player character's optional battle with Mohg, Lord of Blood, a hand and arm can be seen protruding from a cocoon. The hand is initially in an elevated position when coming across Mohg's boss battle arena, only for it to go limp as Mohg is summoned. This hand belongs to Miquella, the brother of Malenia who is cursed to live forever young. According to a theory circulating on Twitter, Miquella's hand is the key to a potential "Elden Ring" DLC expansion.


Twitter user @IronPineapple — the same "Elden Ring" player who discovered the effects in-game weather has on attacks — seems to think that a future expansion will be triggered by Miquella's hand grabbing the player and pulling them into another time period. YouTuber Garden of Eyes has also called attention to Miquella's hand as a recent datamine suggests that there is a more detailed NPC that resides in the very same cocoon. Twitter user @JonathanJosephT had a similar theory revolving around Miquella's hand, speculating that the cocoon would serve as the entry point to the DLC.

Another theory alludes to the Divine Towers Hexagon Portal

Throughout The Lands Between, "Elden Ring" players will encounter Divine Towers, homes to gods demigods that occupy each major area in the game world. Some portions of the game's fanbase seem to think that these Divine Towers hold hints about future DLC in "Elden Ring." Twitter user @Fightincowboy posted a photo of the game's map highlighting the locations of each Divine Tower and showing that when connected, they form nearly a perfect hexagon around the center of the map where a huge cloud resides


Another commenter on Twitter, @Hidden_Teno, further expanded on this theory of the Divine Towers Hexagon Portal. "There's a big cloud at the middle of the map and the 5 great runes towers form a circle that makes the cloud the exact middle," Hidden Teno wrote. "[O]ne of my friends found this out and we have the theory that's the [DLC]." Redditor u/Thejulionic shared a similar discovery a month prior, showing a similar hexagon with alchemy-like characteristics.

Whether this portal would lead to an entirely new dimension or, as in Miquella's theory, a different time period remains to be seen.