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Resident Evil Meets Evil Dead In Hilarious Fan Video

When people discuss classic horror, it's almost impossible not to bring up Sam Raimi's "Evil Dead." But, of course, a major reason why the "Evil Dead" trilogy was so iconic was the comedic reactions of the main character Ash Williams, played by Bruce Campbell. The contrast between Ash's memorable laugh and off-beat quips to the dark world around them made for some fantastic movies. So, naturally, fans may have wondered what other horror franchises would be like with Ash as the main character.

"Resident Evil Village" seemed like a perfect place for Ash because he surprisingly has a lot in common with the games' main character Ethan Winters. Notably, they were both dropped into an unfamiliar world full of demons and had their hands chopped off. However, Ethan's arm gets reattached rather easily with Chem Fluid in "Resident Evil Village," while Ash naturally took a different approach and replaced his hand with a chainsaw. So it's unsurprising that a "Resident Evil Village" and "Evil Dead" crossover would make for some great content.

Ash takes on a village

In a YouTube video by eli_handle_b․wav titled "Ash Williams visits Resident Evil Village," Ash is sent to Eastern Europe instead of the Middle Ages like in Army of Darkness. However, Ash appears not as a player model but as he did in the film via the power of video editing — and the scenes fit perfectly. For example, Ash maniacally laughing after fighting possessed household objects doesn't seem out of place in "Resident Evil Village," as Ethan found himself in a similar scenario fighting Beneviento's dolls.

Ash Williams getting flirtatious by saying, "What do you say we have some champagne, huh baby?" after meeting Lady Dimitrescu for the first time also seems appropriate, as the phrase would likely come to mind for anyone put in front of Lady Dimitrescu. After all, the internet has previously highlighted the obsession players everywhere had with the tall vampire. Additionally, the scene in Army of Darkness where Ash built a machine to fight demons is hilarious when edited into the mission where Ethan drove the chainsaw tank to fight Heisenberg.

However, this isn't the first time Ash Williams has made a guest appearance in a video game. Ash was already featured in the popular multiplayer game "Dead by Daylight" as an official DLC. Additionally, in May of this year, Ash will be starring in his own game, "Evil Dead: The Game," and fans are eager to shred some demons following the games' multiple delays.