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Dream's Doxxing Comments Are Causing An Uproar

Dream is at it again. The faceless "Minecraft" streamer sparked discourse about doxxing after comments he made in a stream went viral. He was reading through some of his recent tweets with his viewers when the topic came up, leading him to reveal he doesn't think it's a problem for those with a low follower count to get doxxed. Dream has experienced his fair share of drama related to leaked information, such as the time the internet started spreading face reveal rumors about him. However, he didn't think such a situation would be as chaotic for someone with a small following. 

"I'm just gonna express that, if you are a person on Twitter and you have seven followers and you get doxxed on Twitter, the odds of you having something happen to you in your life are so astronomically small it's not even worth worrying about," he told his viewers. "Everybody that I know that is a creator has had their address leaked, has had their name leaked, has had everything leaked about them. It's very rare to have things actually happen."

Someone with seven followers is less likely to have a problem with doxxing because of how many people are paying attention — or not paying attention — to that specific individual. Still, some took Dream's words to mean that he thought doxxing for those with smaller audiences isn't important at all.

Little people matter too

Dream's original clip told viewers that they shouldn't worry too much if they get doxxed. At the end of this particular clip (via Twitter user Dex0us), he reiterates that doxxing is still not okay, even if it affects people differently. However, many found these reassurances irresponsible because of the consequences that smaller content creators and individuals could still experience with doxxing. 

"Anyone who gets doxxed is in danger your follower amount doesn't matter," one commenter wrote in response to the clip. "Doxxing is a huge danger to everyone it lets people know your address, IP, full name." Another person noted that doxxing is illegal, which in and of itself suggests the dangers of doing it. In the end, the backlash from Dream's original comments led him to readdress his statements with some clarifications.

"If you participate in doxxing of people, if you participate in harassing and threatening people, you are not welcome in my community," he said. "You are not a part of my community. And I do not like you." Dream explained that his comments were largely taken out of context.

Dream hasn't followed up with any more comments on his doxxing controversy. However, he's likely to recover soon after laying low for a bit. He's fared through his fair share of controversies, such as the time he cheated on a "Minecraft" speedrun and lied about it for months.