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Horrifying Spider-Man Mod Puts An Unexpected Character In The Spotlight

Insomniac Games' "Marvel's Spider-Man" continues to be a hotbed for modders, including folks like jedijosh920. This modder, who has uploaded many of his "Spider-Man" projects to his YouTube channel, recently shared a video of their "Aunt May" mod. Like the name might suggest, it replaces Peter Parker with his beloved Aunt May as the playable character. 

A grandma swinging around on a spiderweb might sound like a cursed image on its own. However, the odd little glitches involved with the Aunt May mod make it seem like even more of a comedy show –- or nightmare fuel. Your mileage may vary.

As jedijosh920 shows in his playthrough, he didn't quite get Aunt May to move in the exact same way Spidey can. Instead of the seamless swings one would expect from Spider-Man, Aunt May flies through the city in what looks like a twisted yoga pose. She's still attached to the spiderweb, but the way she's arranged makes it seem like she's sitting on an invisible magic carpet rather than swinging between neighborhood buildings.

"New suit, same old me!" Spidey's voice shouts in the clip. After all, his voiceover stays in the game. It's just more hilarious to hear the delivery as Aunt May spins like a dreidel in the air. But wait! It gets even worse. Jedijosh920 also programmed the mod to give Aunt May a little "companion."

What's wrong, Aunt May?

Aunt May swings from building to building with a floating head following her. It seems like just a random NPC's head at first, but if you read jedijosh920's video description, you learn that the floating head actually belongs to Uncle Ben. So she's soaring through the city with the floating head of her late husband, which should seem even more cursed to those who know what happens to Uncle Ben.

"Thanks for the free nightmares," one commenter writes in jest. Other commenters seem to equally appreciate and fear Aunt May in her Spidey form.

In other parts of the video, Aunt May scurries in the air as her cozy cardigan billows behind her. Why? We'll probably never know. It's unclear if some of these strange poses and scenarios were intentional, but what it's worth, jedijosh920 didn't seem to acknowledge them. And since the mod doesn't appear to be available to the general public, it's unlikely that May's abilities will develop any further.

"Marvel's Spider-Man" launched in 2018 for PlayStation 4 and later for the PlayStation 5. While the title features a number of alternate suits for the titular hero, it doesn't give you the option to play as Aunt May, so jedijosh920's mod is the closest you can get to the real thing. However, considering the cursed footage, maybe it's for the best that she can't always do whatever a spider can.