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This Cursed Underwear Is Getting Elden Ring Players Banned

Fia officially has the most problematic underwear in the Lands Between. "Elden Ring" players have reported receiving softbans after picking up her undergarments, also known as the Deathbed Smalls. They supposedly used to be part of the Deathbed armor set that players could legally obtain in-game. However, rumor has it that FromSoftware removed the bizarre cut item from the final product, even though it was available in the beta. This is why the item is listed as "unobtainable."

Players couldn't quite figure out why the Deathbed Smalls was considered an unobtainable item. However, the consequences of receiving them were clear enough to warrant a public service announcement. Unfortunately, "Elden Ring's" anti-cheat system couldn't stop hackers from raiding Fia's panties from the game's code and dropping it in other worlds. According to softbanned players, they picked up the undergarments without knowing they were supposed to be unobtainable items.

"After 220 hours, I pick up some underwear and it's all over," Redditor Ok-Communication1725 wrote. They included their correspondence with a Bandai Namco customer service rep, asking for help with their account. Ok-Communication1725 apparently deleted the item after learning that it was a bannable offense and asked that their account be deactivated.

Unfortunately, Bandai Namco was unable to help. Here are the consequences of Fia's cursed panties.

What's wrong with Fia's panties?

The Bandai Namco customer service rep told Ok-Communication7125 that they would need to delete all the game files for "Elden Ring" and reinstall the game to make sure their account didn't get suspended for 180 days. In other words, they would need to delete their data for "Elden Ring," which is a huge blow for someone who has grinded through the game for 220 hours.

FromSoftware hasn't confirmed why the Deathbed Smalls is an unobtainable item, or why it chose to remove it from earlier versions. It's possible that the developer decided it wasn't appropriate to include in the game, even though "Elden Ring" is already a blood-drenched land of terrifying and grotesque creatures. One gamer suspected that the item might have caused problems with the code of "Elden Ring," or made some other aspect of the title unplayable.

Regardless, many players who had nothing to do with raiding Fia's panty drawer are still getting softbanned for picking them up after they're dropped by other players in-game. Ok-Communication7125 name-dropped the username of the panty-dropping culprit, who is apparently called the "Pantsu Dealer." This mysterious panty thief is still on the loose, so PC players beware. Don't pick up stray underwear if you know what's good for you.

"Elden Ring" is available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. The Deathbed Smalls is only the latest in the game's PC problems after the infinite falling death loop, which was also a PC-only issue.