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These Sega Classics May Be Making A Major Comeback

Sega has been teasing something big for years now — and while it likely never will be a new console — it looks like fans are finally getting an idea of what the company has been working on. Sega has plotted to revive major IPs as far back as 2017, but other projects (and undoubtedly the work structure shift following the COVID-19 pandemic) took priority. Though news broke in 2021 that a couple beloved Sega classics might see new entries and players learned of the "Super Game" initiative following Sega and Microsoft's partnership later that year, specifics have remained elusive. Now, new reports seem to indicate some of those very same iconic IPs are set to become some of Sega's "Super" games and come back in a major way.

Following a Bloomberg report, both "Crazy Taxi" and "Jet Set Radio" are allegedly due for reboots that will see the titles transform into live-service games, marking Sega's eagerness to tap into the same kind of consistent revenue generated by titles like "Fortnite." While the move may seem odd to some fans, and others may not even know what "Crazy Taxi" or "Jet Set Radio" are, just the thought of new entries in these long dormant series is enough to stir the attention of their respective communities. Some bask in the excitement of the news, but others worry about the deeper implication these resurrections might hold.

Sega's Super Games Have A Catch

While fans maintain "Jet Set Radio" deserves a reboot alongside "Crazy Taxi," many aren't sure if Sega's "Super Game" initiative is the right way. When the company initially shared details about its partnership with Microsoft and the initiative, the key takeaways were that it wanted to use Microsoft's Azure cloud technology to create titles with a global online reach and community focus. This has led many onlookers to the assumption that Sega's "Super Games" will be built with a games-as-a-service mentality and function off of microtransactions (like "Fortnite").

Generally, fans aren't too positive about the alleged news. While some are assuredly happy that something is happening with an IP they love, many can't shake the feeling that the true essence of what made "Jet Set Radio" and "Crazy Taxi" great will be lost in the translation to a live-service format. Commenting on a Tweet detailing the Bloomberg report, one user said, "Don't know how to feel about this given what we've heard about their 'Super Game Initiative.' Kinda just want regular new single player titles." 

Of course, the information should be taken with a grain of salt, as Bloomberg's information came from alleged individuals close to the project who preferred to remain nameless. This wouldn't be the first time a Sega-related leak confirmed what fans suspected — but this time it's not necessarily a good thing.