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Sony And Xbox May Both Be Making This Unpopular Change

No one likes the constant interruption of ads popping up to stall movies, TV, or web content, but it looks like advertising is about to become much more prevalent in gaming too. Mobile players already deal with a deluge of ads barring progress or offering carrot and stick-style crumbs of rewards. Now, it seems major players in the broader video game industry are eyeing similar practices.

While developers like Hi-Rez Studios have already partnered with gaming ad organization playerWON to implement ads into games such as "Smite," console players haven't ever really had to deal with ads. That said, recent reports indicate that both Sony and Microsoft are eyeing the possibility of adding ads to certain titles. Both gaming behemoths are no stranger to news coverage, as the community still discusses Microsoft's colossal purchase of Activision Blizzard and Sony's acquisition of Bungie, reigniting fears of another console war — but if these companies are really planning to include ads in releases, it'll undoubtedly earn the ire of onlookers.

Though the details on either company's plans are scant, and neither has officially confirmed the reports, players may have to worry about ads infiltrating their games in the near future.

Sony and Microsoft allegedly want to monetize free-to-play games

As per a previous Business Insider report, sources say Microsoft is cautiously eyeing the possibility of introducing ads to certain free-to-play titles. Understanding that the move might cause unwanted ripples and backlash in gaming communities, sources allege Microsoft is selectively creating a marketplace for specific brands that can exist within titles without disrupting the experience. All information points to Microsoft's ad plan still being in its early stages, but Sony is apparently much further along.

In something of a follow-up Business Insider report, sources involved with Sony alleged that the PlayStation company is following suit with a similar goal as Microsoft — and that Sony may even be closer to seeing the plans come to fruition. Sony reportedly first considered including ads in free-to-play titles some 18 months ago with hopes of rolling out some form of the program by the end of this year. While Sony is also approaching brand selection with caution, sources claim the company's plans could include ways to incentivize developers to reward players for watching the in-game ads.

Sony and Microsoft have yet to make any formal announcements regarding adding advertisements to games. Reports may amount to nothing more than an exploration by either company, but players should keep a vigilant eye on any free-to-play titles they enjoy.