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Custom PS5 Consoles That Are Better Than The Real Thing

Despite the supply issues that have consistently made the PlayStation 5 hard to find, the system has quite a dedicated fanbase. Between those sworn to Team PlayStation (as opposed to Team Xbox) and those dedicated to console exclusive series like "Horizon," gamers have a variety of reasons to love PlayStation consoles.


In fact, it's a great time to be a PlayStation fan. With the fuel PlayStation threw on the Xbox Game Pass fire with rumors of a similar offering and the eight advantages the PS5 has over the Xbox Series X|S, it's understandable why the console is so adored. Some people love it so much that they took the time to customize their PS5s, a process that isn't exactly quick and easy. These are some of the best and most unique custom PS5 consoles that take the cake compared to the original design.

PS5 joins the Spider-Verse

PlayStation exclusive "Spider-Man: Miles Morales" blew fans away when it released in November 2020. One Marvel devotee took their love for the franchise to a whole new level. This custom PS5 shared on Reddit replaced the white sides with red and added a white spider logo. While the spider doesn't quite match the one in "Spider-Man: Miles Morales," every spidey suit has a unique design. The one on this build looks like a mix of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield's suit logos.


Others seemed to love the design as well, pointing out that custom, interchangeable plates would be a great way for Sony to make even more money. Considering the PS5 launch made history with its success, this would be a method for Sony to turn an additional profit off of consoles it has already sold while continuing to move new systems and games.

PlayStation 5 or PC?

While consoles like the PS5 have impressive specs that can rival many computers, a major difference comes in the way they look. Though PCs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, many feature a glass side that shows off the inner workings of the machine. PS5s don't include that particular feature – unless you customize your system.


Studio FR, a group that makes and sells custom consoles, modded the PS5 to have a glass side panel that highlights just how beautiful the console is on the inside. The group posted a YouTube video showing how it was done, including Amazon links for the products used in the video. However, it's not something you can easily pull off and will almost certainly void your warranty. You'll need to use a Dremel to cut into the system, and if you want any details, you'll need to have a way to cut into the metal. When the outcome is this beautiful and the original isn't being sold anymore, some people might want to put in the effort though.

The smaller, wooden PlayStation 5

While most people who mod their PS5s focus on the more easily removed side panels, one YouTube channel wanted to change the entire look (and size) of the console. Matt from DIY Perks created a small, wooden PS5. In fact, the sleek design had fans wondering just how well it would run, but the video of the transformation shows that everything works out quite well. The smaller PS5 even does a pretty good job keeping itself cool.


For many people, the size and the white plates of the PS5 aren't visually appealing, especially for tighter spaces. This option fits different home styles better, and the smaller size makes it easier for storing or displaying. Some might be drawn to it just because of the beautiful wood and honeycomb design. While it's not much smaller than the original, it does cut down on some of the harsh edges and modem-like look of the base console.

Aloy's personal PlayStation 5

"Horizon Forbidden West" was one of the big success stories for the PS5. The console exclusive was a hit among critics and players alike, and two fans decided to take their love of the game to the next level with a custom PS5. The white, gold, and black system is more than just your average custom console. It's incredibly textured with bits and pieces on every side and down the middle — an area that most custom builds don't mess with considering there are electronic ports to worry about.


The impressive console can be seen on Instagram, where the couple shares other beautifully customized pieces. There's one dedicated to "Assassin's Creed Valhalla," complete with a leather and wood look with a raven presiding from above. The two even created a controller holder for "The Last of Us Part 2."

The psychedelic PlayStation 5

While some custom PS5s require a lot of tools or extra, decorative parts, you can create your own PS5 design with a little bit of paint. The side panels are extremely easy to take off, so all you need are supplies and some artistic talent (or just a printout to trace). YouTube user Gawx Art shared a video of how he used paint pens to customize a PS5 for his dad. They took advantage of the white side paneling to add bright, neon colors and create a psychedelic look that popped.


Gawx Art employed a graphite technique to transfer the design over the PS5 before tracing and painting it. All they did was print the design, trim it, and then use graphite to color the backside of the paper the design was on. From there, they taped the design down and used a regular red pen to trace it. When the paper was removed, the graphite from the tracing stayed, so it created an easy outline to follow.

Considering all these items can be grabbed for pretty cheap at your local art store, this is a realistic way to try custom designing your own PS5!