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This Mod Makes Elden Ring Feel More Real Than Ever

No matter how good or how bad a game is at face value, almost all of them can benefit from a mod of some sort. Whether it be a mode that isn't already present in the game or additional elements to make a game world even more complete (or ridiculous), mods often add to an already great experience, or even fix issues that a game's developer hasn't yet addressed. "Elden Ring" has already received its fair share of mods, with one modder adding an easily accessible pause function and another even adding a photo mode to the game.

By design, "Elden Ring" is intended to be a third-person action-adventure game. Therefore, it doesn't currently have any options for players to experience the game from a first-person POV, nor does it support VR. But where there's a will, the game's playerbase will almost certainly find a way. Wanting to experience the Lands Between in an even more intimate way, one modder has added a way for "Elden Ring" players to experience the game in a way they never have before. And the end result makes the game feel more real than it already does.

Elden Ring's VR mod makes the game look even better

Modder LukeRoss has been adding VR modes to games that don't already support it for a while now, including "Cyberpunk 2077," "Grand Theft Auto 5," and "Red Dead Redemption 2," Their latest mod was recently showcased on their YouTube channel, depicting LukeRoss exploring the world of "Elden Ring" in a fully fledged VR mode. 

As noted by critics, "Elden Ring" is already a beautiful game. But somehow, the VR mod makes the game look even better and more immersive. It's hard not to feel like you're really in the Lands Between, especially with the game's excellent sound design.

If there is one downfall to the mod, it's that combat looks to be quite difficult in its current state. While exploring the world after venturing through the Chapel of Anticipation, LukeRoss is soon encountered by the Grafted Scion, who makes quick work of the him. Despite some impracticalities in terms of combat, the VR mod is sure to be a hit among "Elden Ring" players looking to squeeze even more novelty out of the already beloved game. The mod obviously needs more work when it comes to implementing more gameplay elements, but any player that uses it will be hard-pressed to find a more beautiful and gorgeous way to look at the Lands Between.