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Ludwig Opens Up About Cheating For Views

Ludwig is one of Twitch's greatest success stories. In early 2021, the American streamer overthrew "Fortnite" icon "Ninja" and became the most subbed streamer on Twitch. However, Ludwig wasn't always a streaming legend. In his early days, Ludwig was considered a small-time streamer, broadcasting single-player games like "Dark Souls" and "Super Smash Bros. Melee" to a relatively small audience. 


That all changed following the massive success of the deduction game "Among Us." "Among Us" took the internet by storm in 2020, with popular streamers such as Sodapoppin collaborating to snuff out imposters. Unsurprisingly, Ludwig jumped on the trend and started playing with a handful of successful Twitch streamers such as Pokimane, Esfand, and Disguised Toast. These collaborations made Ludwig famous, netting him over a million followers in late 2020, according to Twitch Tracker.

However, Ludwig wouldn't remain on Twitch for long. The streamer moved to YouTube in 2021, after feeling unappreciated by Twitch. Now, Ludwig has come clean about cheating in the game that made him so famous.

Ludwig cheated at Among Us

Ludwig spilled the beans during a recent video podcast with The Yard. Following a lengthy discussion on the recent cheating drama with OTK Schooled, Ludwig shocked everyone by exclaiming, "I used to cheat." Ludwig explained, "For content a couple times ... for juicy content, I would sometimes look at chat." What Ludwig did was no doubt cheating because viewers knew who the imposter was, as they often watched multiple streams simultaneously. There were always a few chatters who felt the need to let the streamer know who to target.


However, Ludwig clarified that he didn't cheat for a competitive edge. Ludwig said, "But not like 'Let me be the genius' it would be like 'Oh Sykkuno's the imposter? Let me hang out with him all game and then pretend I got super manipulated." With such a content-oriented approach, it's no wonder Ludwig's "Among Us" streams became so popular.

Cohost Aiden pressed the issue further by asking Ludwig if he ever cheated in an "Among Us" tournament. Ludwig was quick to reply, "No, I was honest in those tournaments." Knowing that Ludwig didn't cheat in "Among Us" tournaments will be a relief to previous participants, as these tournaments often featured serious prize money. Because Ludwig is so against cheating in a competitive setting, it's safe to say that he took honesty seriously during his recent million-dollar poker game.