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BioShock Proves It's More Than A Game Or Netflix Movie

When 2K released the "BioShock" for Xbox 360 and PC in 2007, the game immediately caught the attention gaming world through its riveting story, unique dystopian atmosphere and enjoyable gameplay. Through the highs and lows of the rest of the series, the original game still holds a special place among fans as not only a great first-person shooter, but a work of art unlike any game preceding it.


Interest in the series has newly reignited with a Netflix movie adaptation of the franchise in development between the streaming service, 2K and Take-Two Interactive. But it appears one all-star high school choir has beaten Netflix to the punch. The Powerhouse choir at John Burroughs High School (Burbank, CA) has enraptured the Internet with a 20 minute-long musical retelling of the origin story behind the first game's underwater city (via YouTube).

Recorded from the "Rapture Ballroom" of the Hart High School Auditorium, the story follows Rapture's rise and fall in a tale set before the events of the first game. The costumes and set even match the 1960s aesthetic of Rapture and its denizens. The show was performed as part of the Hart Encore 2022 competition, and it's a sight to behold.


BioShock: The Musical

The show was uploaded to YouTube by Rob Arroyo, who proudly reported that the production — which reimagined characters like Andrew Ryan, Brigid Tenenbaum and Sander Cohen through song and dance — took 1st Place at the competition. The performance began with a rendition of "Hey, Runner!" by The Arcadian Wild, introducing Rapture's "esteemed" Mayor Andrew Ryan. The lyrics befit his vision for the city: "There's none with whom I'd rather spend my afternoon, than with an ego that can fill a room," perhaps referencing his intention only to invite those fitting his ideals to Rapture and "I've got an eternity of time to abuse," referring to his belief that the city would last forever. Other numbers took arrangements of popular songs like "Proud Mary" by Creedence Clearwater Revival and Rapture-fied the lyrics.


Powerhouse's performance earned the group awards for Musicianship, Showmanship, and Best Soloist at Hart Encore 2022 — a much more rewarding fate than befell those who could not escape Rapture's decline.

On the subject of decline, fans have grown uneasy given reports of a seriously difficult development process with "BioShock 4," which was originally announced in 2019. Until more details surface, elaborate fan projects like Powerhouse's musical performance continue to demonstrate just how much of an impact the "BioShock" franchise has had on pop culture as a whole.