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Dr Disrespect Finally Makes His WWE 2K22 Debut

Dr Disrespect is finally getting the respect he deserves, as he has found his way into "WWE 2K22" — unofficially at least. The Dr Disrespect you can play in "WWE 2K22" isn't an official creation or DLC you can purchase, but instead an extremely high-quality fan creation. Created by MG21 TV, who shared a video of the creation on both TikTok and YouTube, the Dr Disrespect customized character looks an awful lot like the streamer. While the YouTube version is longer and gives a better view of the complete costume of Dr Disrespect, the TikTok has some much-appreciated production value, specifically playing Dr Disrespect's hit track "Alleyways" over his entrance.

The YouTube version provides a better understanding of what you will get in the real game if you download the creation. Dr Disrespect enters, sporting his iconic outfit, headset, and glasses. The in-game announcer even refers to him as "The Doc." As an overall package, this is as close to an official Dr Disrespect character players can expect in the game. The customized character does mean you could create your own Doc and have a match pitting Dr Disrespect against other wrestlers in the game, like WWE Superstar and YouTuber Logan Paul or musician Machine Gun Kelly, both of whom are part of upcoming DLC for "WWE 2K22" (via PCGamesN.) Here's how to get Dr Disrespect in "WWE 2K22" for yourself.

How to get Dr Disrespect in WWE 2K22

The best thing is that you don't have to pay for him. Dr Disrespect can be downloaded for free within the game. Within "WWE 2K22" head to the online portion of the game and head into the community creations section. Here, you just need to search for Dr Disrespect. MG21 TV's version is probably not the only one you will find uploaded to the character creator, so you will need to just look around and find the highest quality Dr Disrespect you can.

MGTV 21 has also created a few other characters that he has shared on his TikTok. He has created both Drake and 2Pac. It doesn't look like MGTV 21 has created any other streamers just yet, but there is a decent chance you could find yourself a high-quality TimTheTatMan to fight alongside the Doc by searching the character creations and putting together the ultimate streamer match up. Enterprising gamers could even create their own characters based on their favorite streaming celebs.  Depending on how many streamers have been created by other players, you could even put together your own wrestling federation.