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Even The Elden Ring Publisher Caught Wind Of Let Me Solo Her

Inevitably, after players take down the likes of Wormface and a few Putrid Avatars, they'll find themselves seeking the greater challenges to be had in "Elden Ring." Before long, players will find themselves trudging through the Consecrated Snowfield to arrive at Miquella's Haligtree, one of the most dangerous areas in the game. The Haligtree contains more than just deadly foes patrolling its branches and inner keep — there's a boss deep in this legacy dungeon that many consider the most difficult in the entire game.

While the foe that awaits players in Miquella's Haligtree is revered for its crushing difficulty, one player has been making the whole affair seem like child's play. The legend of Let Me Solo Her has spread rapidly throughout the "Elden Ring" community after — as the name states — the player began helping others defeat the fearsome Malenia, Blade of Miquella by having summoners stand back while the legendary player takes on the fearsome boss alone. 

Now, Let Me Solo Her has cleared a major hurdle in their efforts to help as many "Elden Ring" players as possible, defeating Malenia and helping players get past the troublesome roadblock 1000 times. Let Me Solo Her's work hasn't gone unnoticed, even by "Elden Ring" publisher Bandai Namco. It seems in recognition of the player's feat, Bandai Namco is sending a little something to celebrate the occasion. 

Let Me Solo Her sets sights on a new challenge

While Let Me Solo Her previously broke his silence about why he's dedicated to helping players get past Malenia and how long it took him to originally defeat the boss, the iconic "Elden Ring" player knows there's more to be done. Despite offering some tips on how players can fight more like Let Me Solo Her and a PC mod that allows anyone to summon the "Elden Ring" hero, Let Me Solo Her knows starting a New Game+ opens the door to a whole other community of players that might need help.

Capping off a two and a half hour stream with the start of a New Game+ and a typed message to viewers, Let Me Solo Her said, "Thank you everyone for all the support. I couldn't have been here without you guys. I've recently been contacted by Bandai for a special gift! Very excited for what it is. I'm gonna try to make my way to Malenia soon :) Until then, cya everyone."

Let Me Solo Her doesn't know what Bandai Namco is sending his way, but after besting Malenia (and helping others along the way) 1000 times, it's certainly nice that the publisher is celebrating the player's commitment to helping the "Elden Ring" community. Who knows, maybe whatever the gift is will even provide enough goodwill to power Let Me Solo Her through another 1000 Malenia outings ... on an even harder difficulty.