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This Perfect Elden Ring Run Is Blowing Fans' Minds

There are a lot of ways that "Elden Ring" is different from previous FromSoftware games. There are more NPCs to talk to, the player is given a mount, and exploration plays a much bigger role than ever before. There are plenty of secret items to find, mysterious side quests to delve into and hidden areas to uncover that will keep the player invested in the Lands Between long after the 30 hours it takes to beat the main questline. For all that's new though, "Elden Ring" still makes use of many of the attributes that gave the studio its reputation. The difficulty of its combat, for instance, is on par with many of the previous "Souls" games. Some of the bosses feel practically impossible, but even the standard enemies are likely to send the average player to a "You're Dead" screen every once in a while.

This degree of difficulty makes simply completing the game a challenge that many experienced gamers would struggle with, but one Twitch streamer recently set a record that blows the rest of them away. Seki just streamed himself beating the entire game without ever taking a single point of damage.

Seki sets an Elden Ring record

Seki's no hit/no damage run is the first of its kind for the new game. Shortly after completing it, Seki posted on Twitter, "WE GOT THE RUN!!!!!!! WORLD'S FIRST NO-HIT/DAMAGE ELDEN RING. SHOUTED MY LUNGS OUT LOL." He also posted the video of his successful run on YouTube, which seems to indicate it was about three hours long.

Seki's character wore no armor and wielded the Moonveil Katana as her primary weapon. It took multiple attempts and countless hours practicing boss fights, but even so, the run nearly ended in disaster. Seki had to fast travel out of his first two fights against the Elden Beast during the run due to bad RNG. "You can only punish certain RNG," he explained after the first attempt. "I wouldn't have been able to break his posture if he used Elden Stars." The second attempt was even more of a close call. "I don't think I've ever ... seen him follow up with a fire attack," he stated, after narrowly dodging a large AOE burst of fire breath from the final boss. "Not once in practice, and I've practiced this boss for hours and hours and hours and hours."

It seems like the third time was the charm, however, as Seki finally managed to down the celestial dragon without taking a single point of damage and claim his title as the Elden Lord.