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Overwatch 2 Teases A Beloved Mercy Ability

Although "Overwatch 2" is only in beta, it's already making waves in the gaming community. Specifically, gamers are confused about how a game that promises to be a full-fledged sequel looks and plays almost identical to its predecessor. Because of this, many players have already lost interest in the title, as evident by the plummeting Twitch viewership. Hardcore players are still hopeful for the future of "Overwatch," as Blizzard has promised extensive character and balance changes. One of these changes hinted at by Blizzard pertains to a hidden mechanic that already exists in the game.

"Overwatch" has many hidden abilities that aren't apparent to the average player. Some are bugs, while others are intended mechanics that just aren't explained very well. One of these abilities is Mercy's super jump.

Previously, high-skilled Mercy players could abuse a bug that launched the player high into the air, way beyond the default jump height. Because Mercy has a passive ability that allows her to fall gracefully at slow speeds, this move was quite useful. To perform this trick, players would hold down their Guardian Angel key and crouch simultaneously. However, not everyone could pull this move off because the timing had to be very precise. Consequently, this created a large skill gap between average and experienced Mercy players. It looks like Blizzard is changing that.

Mercy's super jump could become a new ability

On May 12th, Blizzard uploaded a blog post to update players on some changes coming to support characters. Notably, Blizzard revealed how it felt about players abusing Mercy's hidden ability. Blizzard stated, "[the super jump] ultimately requires a complicated sequence of keystrokes and conditions that are not accessible or apparent to the average player." Instead of removing the ability, Blizzard wants to make it easier to pull off. "Internally, we have started testing improvements to Mercy's verticality...We want to take it a step further by making the ability to 'super jump' more consistent for everyone," Blizzard explained.

Additionally, Blizzard also went on to justify its reasoning for the change. Blizzard explained that the trick had been covered extensively in videos and write-ups by players, making it a well-known mechanic. Blizzard wants to make the trick more accessible to players no matter their skill level. This means there's a real chance the super jump could be added as an ability in the near future, although there's no information provided about when these changes will take place. Mercy players will have to continue timing those jumps perfectly for the time being.