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Every Warrior In Evil Dead: The Game Ranked

After suffering from a few delays in the name of polish, "Evil Dead: The Game" has finally been released. It seems that the development team at Saber Interactive have put the extra time to good use, however, as critics have been praising the game both for the sheer volume of content and for capturing the gory humor that the franchise is known for. While it is primarily an asymmetrical multiplayer title, "Evil Dead: The Game" also features a solo mode with AI enemies and several single-player missions.


The main game mode works similarly to "Left 4 Dead" or "Back 4 Blood," though. One gamer plays as a demon and commands the legions of evil, while the rest play a band of survivors who must defeat the Army of Darkness. There are four different classes of survivor that the player can choose from: Leaders, Warriors, Hunters and Supports. Out of all of these, the Warrior class is the best for players who want to look the Deadites in their empty eye sockets and go toe-to-toe in some close quarters combat. Each character has an active skill and three passive skills. The three Warriors are balanced pretty well, but they aren't quite equal.

3. Scotty

Scotty made his debut in the original "Evil Dead" film as one of Ash's friends who came on that unfortunate trip to the cabin where the Necronomicon was first discovered. In the game, Scotty is built for close-quarters combat with lots of enemies. His stats are: Defense 5/5, Melee Weapons 4/5, Ranged Weapons 1/5 and Team Assistance 2/5. He has some solid special abilities as well.


Scotty's active skill is an explosive AOE attack that damages all nearby enemies. His Collateral Damage ability makes it so that heavy melee attacks put the hurt on enemies who are close by. Exposure Therapy, which unlocks at level 10, reduces his fear level as he takes out baddies. At level 25, players can unlock his Lumberjack Axe Weapon Mastery. This gives him faster attack speed, and bonuses to health, balance, and dismemberment damage as long as he's using the weapon.

None of this makes Scotty a particularly bad character to play as. He's certainly useful when fielding hordes of undead, especially since his defense and AOE specialties make him a great choice for crowd control. Still, he is still probably the weakest of the three, since Henry and Ash have a few perks that make them just a little better when it comes to facing off against the worst of the worst.


2. Henry the Red

Next up is Henry the Red. This medieval warrior was first introduced in "Army of Darkness" as King Arthur's former foe-turned-ally who helped defeat against the legions of dead that plagued the land. Henry's stats are ever-so-slightly worse than Scotty's. He has: Defense 5/5, Melee Weapons 4/5, Ranged Weapons 1/5 and Team Assistance 1/5. He makes up for this with his special abilities, however.


Henry's active ability is to temporarily become completely impervious to damage, both to his health and his shield. His Shields Up ability also gives him an extra shield bar at the beginning of the match. Rebound is unlocked at level 10 and deals some of the damage he takes back to his enemy. Finally, Henry unlocks Battle Hardened at level 25, increasing both his health and shield bar.

All of this adds up to make Henry arguably the best tank in the game. He's particularly good for characters who are new to the game and still figuring out some of the game's mechanics. There's one Warrior who might be just a teensy bit better, though.

1. Ash Williams (Army of Darkness)

Coming in at number one is the "Army of Darkness" version of Ash Williams, the protagonist of the "Evil Dead" franchise and the original El Jefe of Deadite-slaying. While Henry is almost pure defense, Ash is a bit more mixed. His stats are: Defense 4/5, Melee Weapons 5/5, Ranged Weapons 1/5 and Team Assistance 2/5.


Ash's active skill grants health regeneration, increased damage output and a reduction to fear and damage received. His Shield Blast makes it so an explosion hurts all enemies in the blast radius when he loses a shield bar. Then at level 10, he unlocks Finish Strong, which allows Ash to recover part of his shield every time he uses a finisher. At level 25, he unlocks Chainsaw Weapon Mastery, which grants him faster attacks and bonuses to health, balance, and dismemberment damage when wielding the very weapon he used to lop his own hand off: his chainsaw.

In the right hands, Ash's abilities synergize in a way no other Warrior's do. His groovy combination of health restoration and offensive explosions keep his life force and damage output up, while also keeping incoming fear and damage to a minimum. Hail to the king, baby.