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JiDion Left Baffled After Being Kicked Out Of This Convention

To say Jidion "JiDion" Adams has had an interesting 2022 would be an understatement. For JiDion, the calendar year began with him receiving a permanent ban on Twitch after organizing a hate raid — specifically, telling his followers to post "L + ratio" in her chat — on popular streamer Pokimane after she received a temporary ban from the platform. After his permanent ban, JiDion backtracked on his raid, apologized, and even put the feud to rest with Pokimane later down the line. With this controversy firmly in the rearview mirror, it seems JiDion has attracted yet another scandal.

In a video posted to his YouTube channel on May 17, JiDion was shown attending a furry convention in Atlanta. In the video, JiDion has some truly absurd interactions with Atlanta locals both unfamiliar with the convention as well as other attendees. Such interactions included debating about whether or not to help a guy stuck in a stairwell, and meeting a fan of his content who claims to have three of his signature t-shirts. It also detailed JiDion's trolling of several attendees. Eventually, however, things went completely wrong and he was kicked out of the convention by organizers, leaving JiDion baffled as to why.

JiDion was kicked out for making people uncomfortable

While attending the convention, JiDion was at one point pulled aside by one of the convention's organizers. When JiDion asked the organizer — who is named "Mustang" in the video — what the problem was, he requested that JiDion and his crew stop filming and claimed that "people are uncomfortable." JiDion then said the he will switch over to finishing the vlog with an iPhone, which "Mustang" seemed fine with initially. However, not long after, the organizer again intercepted JiDion and had on-site security escort JiDion off the premises. Seemingly in jest, the YouTuber expressed confusion as to why he was removed from Furry Weekend Atlanta.

Despite his troll-y nature, most of JiDion's interactions with people at the convention were shown to be overall positive and humorous — outside of the incident regarding the attendee being stuck in a stairwell. According to Furry Weekend Atlanta's policies, vlogging at the event is allowed so long as it doesn't disrupt the experience of others. However, filming with a crew seems to be off-limits. JiDion's video is filmed entirely by a camera operator which could very well have been the issue.

As of now, no actual explanation regarding JiDion's ejection has been provided by either party.