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The Real Reason xQc Turned Down $1 Million

Anyone who has spent a decent amount of time on Twitch probably knows that xQc is consistently one of the biggest streamers on the platform. The controversial content creator has seen numerous bans over the years, but he has always returned and managed to maintain his popularity. He currently has 10.8 million followers and regularly streams to audiences of well over 100 thousand viewers. As many who see those numbers might imagine, he has also managed to remain one of the best paid Twitch streamers. Even though the 2021 Twitch leaks revealed Critical Role to be the highest earner on the platform, xQc was a relatively close second, reportedly earning nearly $8.5 million between August 2019 and October 2021 in bits and subs alone. Of course, that isn't the only source of his income. Popular streamers are regularly approached about sponsorships and advertising deals, some of which can involve seven or even eight-figure payments to the entertainer in question.

It was recently revealed during a livestream that xQc actually turned down one such contract in the recent past. It's obvious that the performer isn't exactly hurting for money, so it might not be all that surprising to hear that he can afford to turn down a million dollar contract — but why would he?

xQc doesn't want to play mobile games

xQC brought up the sponsorship in question during a Just Chatting livestream on March 18. He was watching one of Mizkif's streams, during which the streamer was talking about whether or not he would hypothetically accept an offer of $250 million. Mizkif, it's worth noting, recently turned down a $10 million offer because he didn't want to move to Canada for the opportunity, so he certainly knows what it's like to walk away from a lucrative deal. This point got xQc thinking.

xQc paused the stream and stated, "In the same way, I was offered half a million, or a million, to play mobile games for a certain amount of hours. And what happened? I said no. Because why? Because, naturally, some of these games... I don't like playing them." This might initially seem like a poor reason to turn down such a big payday, but it actually makes sense in a lot of ways. xQc is generally an enthusiastic streamer, and his viewers likely wouldn't want to stick around to watch him play games that he doesn't enjoy playing. He has also previously discussed his issues with gambling addiction, and may not wish to be trapped in a contract that forces him to interact with games involving a ton of microtransactions. Whatever the case, this was one handsome deal that xQc was fine saying no to.