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PS5 Pro Leak Has The Rumor Mill Turning

The PS5 and Xbox Series X|S both launched in late 2020, each representing a huge leap forward in terms of hardware and performance for their respective brands. Both consoles offer various exciting features that have helped to define the modern standard for gaming platforms. That said, relatively few gamers have actually managed to purchase one of these consoles in the time since their launch. Global microchip shortages and other supply chain issues have slowed down production to the point that the demand has vastly outstripped the supply, making official retailers sell out quickly while scalpers resell them at ridiculous markups.

That's why it's so strange that electronics company TCL Technology recently gave a presentation suggesting that the company is expecting Xbox and PlayStation to launch "Pro" models of its current consoles between 2023 and 2024. Images of TCL's slideshow at the press event (shared by Polish news outlet PPE) also show several projected specifications that these consoles might offer, such as being able to render 8k images at 60-120 frames per second using an AMD Radeon RX7700XT GPU. Twitter was quick to react, as thousands of shocked gamers looked at these images and the subject quickly started trending. Many seem to believe that this leak is proof that these consoles are coming in the next couple years, but that may not be the case.

It may be early to get excited about new Pro consoles

It's easy to see why this leak might seem very exciting, but it also may be a little too soon to know if it is an actual indication that these consoles are on their way. While some — like games journalist and insider Tom Henderson — seem to believe that TCL has some insider knowledge, it's worth noting that there has been no official announcement from Sony or Microsoft confirming or denying the leak.

IGN Senior Editorial Producer Mark Medina sent out a tweet voicing his doubts about the supposed launch, suggesting that the slideshow was merely TCL hazarding a guess about what capabilities an updated next-gen console might have and basing a projected release date off of past launches. "[It's] not confirmed," Medina stated. "It was part of a TCL slideshow, and it's 100% just a guess of what the future of the consoles could be if they followed the PS4 Pro timeline."

This explanation seems to make sense, given that the standard PS5 is still incredibly difficult to find from ordinary retailers. Launching a new and improved console while manufacturing shortages are still affecting the current line-up would be an interesting gamble from Sony and Microsoft. Only time will tell if TCL's predictions are legitimate.