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Elden Ring Mod Makes The Game More Brutal Than Before

Like many of FromSoftware's games before it, "Elden Ring" has a very active modding community on PC. Fans have been using mods to improve the co-op experience and to add a photo mode to "Elden Ring." People have also made plenty of silly mods as well, with NexusMods offering tons of different listings for people who want to make "Elden RIng" super chill or super cute. However, one modder decided that "Elden Ring" was too simple, and needed to have even deeper RPG mechanics. This modder decided that the game should be more of a struggle — despite being incredibly difficult to begin with.


That modder is Grimrukh, who has made numerous fan favorite "Dark Souls" mods. Their latest project is a "Survival Mode" for "Elden Ring," which they previewed in a trailer on Twitter. Similar to the Hardcore mode in "Fallout: New Vegas," players will need to manage their thirst and hunger by scavenging and cooking in "Elden Ring." The mod also adds weapon crafting, diseases, and truly dark nights. The mod will be released to the public after it is premiered during a Twitch stream on June 6 by Lobosjr. Here is everything you can expect in the "Survival Mode" mod, available soon for "Elden Ring."

Elden Ring just got more intense

In the trailer, you can see that Grimrukh has added over 400 weapon recipes that can be crafted and upgraded using different materials. The example shown is a crafted dagger, which is upgraded into a short sword and can then be upgraded into either a longsword or scimitar. While the weapon crafting system isn't the part of this mod that makes the game more difficult, it does provide some greater variety to players who have already completed a few playthroughs with multiple arms. The trailer shows off different illnesses, which players can contract in specific regions and will need to craft cures for. 


Players will need to hunt animals for sustenance, as well. The trailer shows deer meat being combined with a smoldering butterfly to create cooked meat. There will also be a mechanic where cold temperature areas will need to be combated with hot soup. Grimruk has clarified on Twitter that when it is night, players will find it difficult to see anything without a torch equipped. Basically, if you found "Elden Ring" too easy or not realistic enough, this mod was tailor-made for you.