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The Big Thing Fans Are Excited For With Spider-Man Remastered On PC

"Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered" and "Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales" swung onto PlayStation systems to widespread praise for its web of intense combat, silk-smooth graphics, stellar voice-acting and a myriad of other qualities cited by critics. Insomniac's "Spider-Man" games have only continued to draw in new players, collectively selling over 33 million copies as recently as last month, according to the official PlayStation blog.

Beyond its immense sales, the "Spider-Man" modding community has kept busy since 2018 by adding personal additions to the game, including new suits and different playable characters. Now that PlayStation has announced official PC ports for the titles developed by Insomniac Games, that community has become revitalized. After all, it should be easier than ever now for fans to download and create mods for the games on their new platform.

PlayStation revealed the upcoming ports during its June 2 State of Play livestream. As stated in a PlayStation.Blog post,"Remastered" arrives for PC on August 12 and "Miles Morales," which captures the younger Spider-Man's first solo adventure, is set to launch sometime in autumn.

Inspired by the trailer, fans have quickly taken to social media to discuss potential mods for the future.

To suit a spider

Many fans have focused on what kinds of cosmetics could be added to the games. Of the mods Spider-fans expressed wanting to see, one of the more popular choices seems to be Peter's suit from "The Amazing Spider-Man 2." One post by fan Twitter account Spider-Man Shots has captured over 6,000 Likes and 300 Retweets thus far after calling for the addition of the suit. Other users have added the iconic black Symbiote costume to that wishlist.

Some fans have cast a wide net when mentioning the suits they'd love to see modded into the game. For instance, one gamer suggested the latest suit from "Spider-Man: No Way Home" should be added, as should the suit from Neversoft's "Spider-Man" video game from 2000. Of course, they also threw their hat in the ring for the "Amazing Spider-Man 2" suit, proving its continued popularity among Spidey fans.

The "Spider-Man" modding community has left an impact beyond creating additional suits for its titular superhero in "Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered" and "Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales." For instance, jedijosh920 created a particularly horrifying mod bringing in Aunt May to take the place of her nephew, enabling players to web-sling as a glitchy elderly lady shouting in the same voice as Spider-Man. In light of the upcoming PC ports, modders could create skins for anyone from the Green Goblin to Stan Lee if they so desire. It should be interesting to see just how wild these games get when they finally arrive on PC.