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The Most Incredible World Records In Fortnite

Since it released in 2017, "Fortnite" has been a nonstop success. The popular battle royale played a major role in establishing the genre in the mainstream. There are now many other games like it, including favorites such as "Apex Legends" and "Fall Guys."


Though "Fortnite" certainly has its ups and downs, the fact that it is free-to-play, cross-platform, and consistently updated set it apart as a mainstay. For these reasons and more, the game is definitely worth playing these days. While the world may not see a sequel soon (if ever), the title has blown up so big that there are talks about a "Fortnite" film.

Naturally, many records have been set in the years since "Fortnite" launched. According to the official site for Guinness World Records, over 70 "Fortnite" records exist. Out of all of these impressive accomplishments, a few stand above the rest.

First battle royale with 250 million registered players

In March 2019, "Fortnite" set a world record as the first battle royale to garner 250 million registered players. This accomplishment came not long after it received similar recognition for surpassing the 200 million registered player mark in November 2018. "Fortnite" has only continued to grow in the interim. Though there hasn't been a recent update about the number of registered players, the latest came from May 2020 when Epic Games cited 350 million registered players (via Twitter).


Some stats from 2022 are equally impressive. "Fortnite" reportedly boasts 24 million daily active players, as well as 268-272 million monthly active players. While there have clearly been great strides made by "Fortnite" over the years, the record set years ago is one that can't be taken away. There's no telling why Epic Games hasn't published more recent stats for registered players. But it's likely the next time the company does share an update, it'll be yet another monumental number, especially considering players haven't gotten news on that front in awhile.

Video game with the most channels on Twitch

A big factor fueling the popularity of "Fortnite" is the fact that it's a hit with streamers just as much as it is with the rest of the world. Players love hanging out and watching the best of the best, whether to level up their own strategy or just for the fun of it.


On March 2020, "Fortnite" received the world record for the most Twitch channels for a single video game with a peak of 66,000 cited. Per TwitchTracker, this number peaked at 132,973 "Fortnite" channels in November 2020. Currently, over 82 million people follow "Fortnite" on Twitch, and while there aren't as many dedicated channels for it as there once were, the record is still quite the feat.

Plenty of big name streamers have taken part in the "Fortnite" hype. Pokimane, xQc, Ninja, and LazarBeam are just a few of the stars who have contributed to the game's ubiquity. Though some streamers like Tfue are over the title and its prominence, there's something about it that keeps content creators and viewers alike captivated.


Longest solo winning streak in Fortnite

Few things feel better than a solid win streak, but breaking a world record for one? That's a whole new level. In "Fortnite," victory is especially impressive given it involves outplaying 99 other people, some of whom play professionally as streamers or esports competitors.


When Jake Filicicchia, a.k.a. OGL (OnlyGuyLeft), won 94 games in a row between November and December 2021, it was and still is a huge deal. According to Guinness World Records, OGL streamed all the games he won and totally blew the previous record of 36 wins out of the water. OGL is ranked as one of the 50 best solo players and one of the top 100 overall players of all time.

OGL isn't slowing down. He's got 75,000 followers on Facebook Gaming, and he continues to stream and win regularly. His accomplishments, as well as the other impressive "Fortnite" records, show that the only limits in the game are the ones players set themselves.