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Riot Games Just Made A Major Game Pass Announcement

Riot Games has captivated audiences since "League of Legends" dropped in 2009, and the company hasn't slowed down since. "League" continues to attract over 120 million monthly players, especially since the release of Riot's "League"-based Netflix show "Arcane" gave the game an even greater boost in popularity. Helping to grow Riot's fanbase were many other "League" spin-offs and the successful launch of "Valorant" in 2020. Riot is already a force to be reckoned with in the world of gaming, and it seems it's only getting bigger and better, especially if the company's most recent announcement is any indication.

Though the company could probably slow down and still keep players happy, that's just not its style. Riot Games releases regular updates for its collection of games, keeping players on their toes with everything from mobile "Valorant" ports to back-to-back new "League" champions. And during the Summer Game Fest's Xbox + Bethesda Games Showcase on June 12, Riot Games gave Game Pass users on both PC and mobile a major gift — and it's one that nobody saw coming.

"League" players immediately got a hint that this presentation would be something worth paying attention to, thanks to an appearance from Riot's President of Games Marc Merrill. He explained, "For over a decade, players have created a thriving culture of competition and creativity around our games." And now, Riot is poised to change the way these games operate for a certain set of players.

Riot gives Game Pass users a massive unlock

As revealed during the showcase, players with Xbox Game Pass will now be able to unlock all champions in both "League of Legends" and "League of Legends: Wild Rift," as well as all of the available agents in "Valorant." On top of that, Game Pass subscribers get the Foundations set in the "Legends of Runeterra" card game and select Little Legends in "Teamfight Tactics."

Riot is giving an incredible amount of content away. After all, that's well over 100 characters unlocked in "League of Legends" alone, and it's been estimated unlocking every champion in "League" the old fashioned way can take upwards of 10 years. Game Pass users now have an advantage that may change the landscape of Riot's titles, creating an arena ripe for more fervent competition and a possible influx of new players. This announcement may not sit well with all gamers on other platforms, but Game Pass subscribers are sure to be excited.